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Hey travellers

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Hey there,

i'm a new member and i just wanted to introduce myself. First of all i need to tell you guys that i've been 'observing' the Nexus for quite a long time. Whenever i needed some reliable informations i took a look. But now...i'm starting a change in my life. And because of that i want to get as much quality Information as possible...and I really think it's going to be great around here, talking to people with the same mindset all over the world.

Sooo...i'm 26 years old guy who lives in a big city. I've been taking psychedelics for 7 years now. Well i smoke Marihuana a bit longer...but when it comes to strong psychedelics it's 7 years.
I started with LSD and Mushrooms...most times on Festivals. Then I enjoyed it more to be out in nature with friends while taking psychedelics. Then there was a big step. In february i had my first Ayahuasca ceremony. Till today i joined 5 ceremonies in total. And yeah...it changed my life. It really did and i'm more than thankful for this gift of the universe. Well after my last ceremony I decided to do some further steps. Ayahuasca has been the most healing and mindblowing experience of my life so far. But I want to get further into Hyperspace. The next thing i wanna try is smoking salvia. I'm excited!
I'm also really into the Changa thing. I got all of the stuff I need to make a nice Changa blend. And mainly that's the reason i decided to register at the Nexus.
I think when it comes to experienced travellers with good informations...i'm at the right place around here.
There is nothing more important to me than having a beautiful and save experience. No matter what i'm considering to take.
I'm experienced when it comes to LSD and Mushrooms....but the whole DMT thing (exept of Ayahuasca) is completely new to me. Sooo i'm really glad I made it here...and I think it's going to be great to share and learn.
If you made it to this point... thank you :D
Cheers WW
Welcome to the Nexus!

Changa Changa Changa!


Changa is perhaps my favorite way to ingest DMT, highly recommended, IMO. The above link is to the changa subforum and has pretty much everything you'd ever need to know on the subject, especially the "sticky" threads! Anyway, have a look around and enjoy the forum. Have a good one!


Hello and welcome WokeWave!

Out of curiosity, would you mind elaborating how Ayahuasca has changed your life ?

Regarding Salvia, bear in mind that it is a completely different experience, and it is extremely potent. Tread carefully and start low, it's easy to get burned (hah).
Hey there...
Thanks for Link i'm sure going to check it.

Also thanks for the advice with Salvia. I think i'll start with a very low dosage to get to know to it.

So the thing about Ayahuasca. Well to understand it i have to tell you what kind of person i have been. If I think about my old self i can only think about a young man driven by his ego. Cold hearted and without empathy. To high self confidence and pretty much the kind of dude i don't recommend to be. Well I knew all the time that something was not the way it should be...but I didn't know why. I always say that there are people who can show you doors, but you are the one who has to walk through it. But some doors seem scary because humans want to know what to expect. Especially men who always want to have an overlook on situations. So Mother Ayahuasca introduced herself in the most gentle and caring way I could have imagined. And then...She started to introduced me to my real self. She showed me a door and I decided to open it...but I was not able to walk through it. So I asked Mother for help...and she took my soul onto a comfortable flying carpet and guided me to the other side....and there it was. The answer why I have been who i was. The piece which was missing. SELF LOVE! I cried a lot, threw up my guts, laughed like never before. I felt death sick and strong like superman. I had it all. And I was completely out of words. Since that day I am able to love myself. I am able to love my wife like she deserves it...Ayahuasca saved my love and relationship. Mother gave me everything I needed to become the person I was meant to be before society fucked me up. I had 5 ceremonies in total. And every of it taught me something! To meet Mother Ayahuasca was the best desicion in my life.
I hope that gives you an impression of how it changed my life.
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