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Hi All

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It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that Swing
Hey everyone!

I suppose I've been browsing this forum for about four to five years now, and I have just now created an account, kind of silly huh? I guess I'll give a little history: Around five years ago I had my first DMT experience. I had been lightly experimenting with drugs before then, having used mushrooms as my first substance when I was a young lad. After my first DMT journey I felt I was an enlightened being (what an egotistical thought!) then I continued using it daily for three to four months. I was taking it at least once a day if not more, having full breakthroughs. Then the DMT I had extracted was out. I had felt I learned all there is to learn, so I didn't make more and moved away to a rural area to study music deeply. For some reason I now feel it is time to use DMT again, I had a very vivid "vision" recently, otherwise known as a dream. :lol: This made me feel I am ready to try DMT again in a much more responsible and caring way.

Alright I guess that's about all the information on substance usage I should give before I begin to ramble on. I have a deep love for all music, specifically jazz. I study philosophy, enjoy cooking food for myself. Taking hikes, being in nature, all things to feel connected to the Earth.

Thanks for reading! :)
Welcome to the Nexus!

Music is a passion of mine! I play guitar and am getting better all the time! I am currently working on learning some flamenco as I love shpongle and would like to learn those ripping solos!

Post some more so we can get to know you... sounds like you might have some very intriguing things to add here on the Nexus! I look forward to any contributions you make!

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