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Hi All

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I wanted to say hello,
I found a few threads on dmt nexus that made me feel there were some kindred spirits here that appreciate the teaching spirit/energy of these plants, so while I am not very experienced/pretty much at all with ingestion of the plant part of the allies, I share the energy of appreciation found here and hope you do not mind one more along for the journey.

I have found a strong pull to start growing these plants to learn from them, I find just meditating with them can call very strong energies that open us in very distinct ways each one.

I am very sensitive to ingestion and the few plants I have experienced I have felt an energy on the edge of having been more pillaged vs respected and partnered with(weed & tobacco). My growing where possible is my attempt to form a co-nurturing relationship then hopefully experience their energy through time and possibly through ingestion as well. This likely sounds pretty woo woo but I'm pretty woo woo so no use pretending. This isnt a judgement about how anyone else goes about things, just explains why I am here the draw for me.

I just yesterday (how I found you guys) tried rue seeds whole and did not feel that edge only a beautiful experience that heightened my normal state with added overtones of warm, guiding protective energy/presence. I did not ingest much I don't think (couldnt find my scale) but I can certainly see why this is an energy people want to work with. Had some light eye effects but was more into the experience of meeting the energy and slowly building a relationship.

Anyways hope this isn't to weird an intro, I tend toward weird. :)
Thank you for everything :love:
Welcome to the Nexus!

Weird is perfect, preferable even! I think you have the right approach to learning and growing with these plant allies. From germination to ingestion, the process is beautiful and one of the most rewarding things a human can experience, imo. See you around!


Thanks TGO,
It's lovely to have people to share this journey with, even better ones that wont think I am totally off my rocker to be humbled by the opportunity.
Glad to meet you.
Welcome to the Nexus!
I encourage you to read around the plethora of articles and learn as much as you can, after all, what's more fun than learning?
I look forward to reading any trip reports or articles you decide to write.
Happy travels :)
Thanks Astonish!
Believe me I have 15 windows open to dmt-nexus at home right now waiting for me.
So much interesting and insiteful things posted here. :)
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