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Hi everybody

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G'day to all, I am a West Australian, 24 y/o and interested in ethnobotanicals. I have been reading alot of posts on this great site and have come to admire the high level of maturity and sensibility that people have shown here concerning dmt. The first time i heard abot dmt was from reading the book 'plants of the gods' and the ayahuasca section captivated my imagination and caught my attention. Since then i have been doing my best to learn as much as i can about this amazing molecule and the way it has changed peoples lives and influenced them in positive ways. The first time i tried psilocybin mushrooms (Amsterdam) i had an amazingly positive insightful trip where my ego was laid to waste and i could truly look into my soul and make life changing decisions. The way everything is shown to you in such a clear light is unlike any revelation i had ever experienced and i am convinced of the significance and importance of the place that psychedelics have in our lives. I am looking forward to being a part of this online community and discussing my opinions and ideas about love, life and mind expanding substances. Thankyou for taking the time to read my intro, peace - p
Hey man ....

welcome to this fantastic site. I too joined a few days ago and am , as you , fascinated with the cumulative wealth of knowledge on entheogenic research. I enjoyed reading your intro bro..... G'day mate !

let go of your body
and it falls in place,

P.S. - peace , love and hippie bugs
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