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Hi Folks

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Hi Ladies & Gents,

The world of entheogens opened up to me shortly after a medical discharge from the military. I was medically evacuated from Afghanistan. I had my first child nearly fully cooked in the oven back at home, and ultimately a big adjustment was going to be needed. This is still a work in progress.

My experience with higher plant teachers was non existent, but that all changed with a 2012 conference where I flew down to Melbourne to hear Graham Hancock, Dennis McKenna, Mitch Shultz and a handful of other speakers do their thing.

Upon reflection, what I am most proud of is that I did not jump right in and destroy the process. I have completely respected set & setting and have walked away from a number of journey's that were set in stone.. but were simply not meant to be.

The fear is healthy and I have used it as a compass at times. It keeps me honest.

I have worked to Dr Richard Fadiman's psilocybin microdose regimen with great success, and am looking to move back towards MAOI territory later in the year with more experience under my belt.

For such an impatient person, there has been no sense of urgency in this quest. There is nothing about psychedelics that allows room for abuse. I cannot have cannabis within a 20km radius without sniffing it out.. but dipping into the medicine stash doesn't even cross my mind. Matter of fact, up at 2.5/3.0g Cubensis - cannabis becomes a non issue for 3-6mths. It really works wonders on certain aspects of my psyche.

I am looking to form a symbiotic relationship with the DMT Nexus. I believe I have a lot to offer with regards to my experiences with fungi (I also cultivate medicinal/gourmet fungi as a hobby), and more specifically the microdoses which I find only the more mature seekers are interested in discussing. I struggle to find suitable conversation elsewhere.

I am not a parasitic fungi.

Welcome to the Nexus!

As a fellow lover of mushrooms, I'd love to hear more about your endeavors in that area. I've been growing on and off for years (as an amateur enthusiast) but I haven't found many things that are quite as rewarding. Nothing quite like watching something grow from spore to mature fruit...I absolutely love it! Anyway, I hope you enjoy your time here!


-The Grateful One-
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