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Hi there!!

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Hi there,

I'm new here, looking for some info on dmt containing plants, particularly on Acacia Simplex.

In fact, I live in the South Pacific, and I know we have some Acacia Simplex here, but not quiet sure if I'm sure wich one it is... I saw on the internet that Simplex has kind of roundy yellow flowers, but the one I saw has that kind of long, not round at all flowers, a bit like that, but not quiet as long and really small compared to the picture :

Another picture of flowers looking like what I got on my trees : http://hasbrouck.asu.edu/imglib/seinet/Fabaceae/photos/Acacia_millefolia_9-16-2009_2-43-50_PM.JPG

The flowers on my trees were dry though, so I cannot really say it is exactly looking like the pictures. The pictures are just to show you the general shape of the flowers.

Do you think it still can be a Simplex? Or has the flowers to be round, ball style (like this : https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/5/5c/Acacia_constricta_flower.jpg )?

The leaves of the tree are bright green, look thick, greasy and plasticy. On some young trees, the young leaves are kind of round and spoon shaped. The ones on bigger trees are still bright green, but not quiet as round and spoon shaped. They are also less thick and greasy.

The outer bark is brown to dark brown, while the inner bark is reddish brown to pale red, with some parts being bloody red.

Another thing is, I tried and cut a little bit of bark from the tree, a lot of sticky latex came out. I may have touched my face with hands and something like 30min after, my face and eyes started burning. Few hours later, even after washing my face, I still feel my eyes and face skin burning. Is that common when dealing with Simplex latex? Or is Simplex latex supposed to be "innofensive"? Or any other Acacia latex?

However, the bark I got is reddish brown to pale red and bloody red on some parts, is that a good sign? I read somewhere that red bark tends to have dmt in it, is it correct or is it common, even on non-dmt containing trees?

I know it is a lot of questions, but I would like to be sure the trees I got really are Simplex trees, or at least a specie containing dmt. Not to mention there is not a whole lot of info on Simplex trees. Some sources even seem to be contradictory on some points.

I would love to extract and try a little of that mystical thing dmt is, but I will only be able to try the extraction in a few weeks.

I would also like to thank everyone here for all the content provided. This seems like a great community of peacefull and respectfull people.

In the hope I will finally be able to get this done, thank you very much.

First, let me thank you for your answer and the link provided.

So yes, I am a bit experienced with psycheledics, especially lsd. I have been taking it since a few years. I also tried and abused a lot of different drugs, and I must say lsd helped me a lot to help me control some addictions I had...

Unfortunatly, I have not tried dmt yet. After all, maybe it is not so unfortunate, because I think I was not prepared enough to try it, until now.

I think I first discovered psycheledics on the internet, then at some parties. As the young man I was a few years ago, I was really interested on drugs and their effects on the body, and so was looking all over the internet to learn about it.

I have another question, is it possible to perform an extraction on freshly harvested bark? Or do I need to dry it first?

Thank you very much.
Regarding extracting fresh bark, AFAIK there isn't any specific info on mimosa or acacia fresh vs dried rootbark. We do know that enzymes and other factors may indeed change the alkaloid content during drying (Check the phalaris analysis thread for example), but this might not be the case for all plants.

Best you'd do I guess is to test yourself and share the results with us, by getting a part of your bark and drying, and another part extracting before drying, and comparing the results ..

Good luck!
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