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hi, trouble here.

Migrated topic.


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so my friend has just filterd his salt extractions and noticed a layer of plant material at the bottom i'll refer to as crap, he filtered abut 800mL of solution through 2 coffee filters and that took about 3 hours. he let it sit for awhile and noticed a bunch of crap got through and had made a layer at the bottom of the jar as said above, so he used a pipette to transfer the "clean" solution to another jar, still crap at bottom of jar2 he did this again, jar3 still crap, he did this one more time jar4 still crap, now there is less crap each time thats a good thing of course, but now he cant suck up anymore solution from the top of jar4 without disturbing the then layer of crap and it floating into the clean.

i guess my question is, is it ok for a little plant material to be left in while he moves on to the next step? and how would it effect the end result if any effect, any suggestions on how to get the crap out if its not ok where i dont have to buy anything, or anything more than 10$.

thanks alot
I think that this thread would be a good place for we mods to start a discussion on a sticky with some posting guidelines for extraction questions.
First that comes to my mind is maybe to state what plant one is using.
Anybody else?
Sorry fetus, but you'll learn stuff and crap.
And what is the problem with some plant material in the bottom of the jar? One cannot get rid of all the microparticles, even if the acid extraction is filtered through a 20 micrometer filter (which is has pores smaller than the size of a bacterium) one will still see some material sedimenting in the bottom...

But Fetusfries should ask his friend; where did he get the idea that he has to get rid of ALL the plant material before proceeding to the next step?? Why would he think that a minute amount of exhausted plant material would be bad??
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