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Hmmm I wonder....

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LSDDMT? Swim was thinkin. Could you put freebase DMT, with a freebase MAOI, into a capsule with a dose or two of powder LSD? Any insight? Swim would never try it but he's just thinkin maybe it could work.
It WORKS VERY WELL, especially if the MAOI is harmine or harmaline. BEWARE! It produces a very intense trip.
Yeah thats exactly what i thought. I assumed it would work, but it seems like it would all kick in at once, producing, like you said, a really INTENSE trip. But thanks man. Swims friend knows some heavy entheogen lovers that would shit bricks if i told em this combo.
since we're talking about extracted shit, i've always wanted to try extracted psilocybin, never had it, crystalline psilocybin might be pretty cool
Thats something i thought about as well... You would have to completely understand the chemical properties and what to use. That would be the shit tho
If you wanna organic combo try 2-4g of Psilocybian 'shrooms + 7-13 inchs of peeled and cored, green Trichocereus cactus flesh!
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