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Hmong textiles from Sa Pa Vietnam

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Hey gang - I thought you would appreciate the hand-embroidered patterns on these Hmong textiles I picked up in Vietnam earlier this month. Also traditionally they use hemp linen for the blue batik backing cloth. Sadly the shirt/jacket was much too small and by far too overpriced in Hanoi but on my next trip I hope to get up to this region.


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Very nice!

Theres a large Hmong community in Central/Northern Laos; I bought some similar stuff from them back in 1999, shortly after Laos made a concerted effort to get the tourists visiting.SE Asia is simply fantastic and well worth a visit for those who've not been.
Yes, it's really interesting to notice that mountain people in Asia and latin America have many similarities in textiles and ways of life- even looks. In Hanoi i went to a museum, and overheard a Spanish lady speaking about an ancient vase on display with designs on it looking exactly like something ancient Mayan, etc. I find it amazing all this stuff, not to mention pyramids being found in Asia, and mummies in Egypt with residues of the Coca plant. Makes one wonder....8)
Thanks for sharing very cool.

Vietnam is a beautiful place, and i hope to make there one day.

How is your stay there?
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