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Home Bakers (or Chefs) on The Nexus

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Are there any baking aficionados here on The Nexus? My parter and I have been a little obsessed with the Great British Bake Off recently and it's inspired us to try out some recipes. We've made a few good tarts and today made our first stab at laminated flaky pastry.

One day, I'd love to incorporate cannabis into some bakes (maybe in a oil as the base of a chiffon...mmm), but right now I'm just getting the techniques down.

Anyone else like baking (or cooking for that matter)?

Cooking is the art of life. Or as the Russians say, time taken out of food is time taken out of life.

Prime-time melodramatic baking shows, OTOH — when most people can no longer even make a soup without a recipe, and record numbers of people are using food-banks — are pretty odious, IMO. And that's before we even consider the "obesity epidemic", or the fact that cake-decoration sections in the supermarkets have gone from dusty backwaters to endless racks of glitzy shit targeted at the gullible. [Cue later tears/breakdown when said item doesn't end up looking anything like the airbrushed fantasy on the packaging]

Who really thought it was a great idea to dig up Marie-Antoinette?

I'll stick to the odd pancake ;-))

And my failsafe fudge recipe :twisted:
Chan, brilliant post :thumb_up:

I'm a trained chef so I cook everyday. I've shied away from the baking (desserts at least) for the last few years since I cut out all refined sugar and focused on my health a bit more.

I used to bake cheesecakes weekly and can still make a sinfully delicious devil's food cake from scratch :D I still dabble with some vegan baking recipes but I've only tried a few that were pretty tasty. I was always a desert guy but perhaps that's changed somewhat with age. Nothing wrong with a good quiche or tart though :thumb_up:
I've dabbled on and off for probably close to 10 or so years, mainly grilling out, vegetable based soups, a little bit of smoking meats/fish, pan-fried recipes, not a whole lot of baking though. I've recently got into different stew recipes for venison over the last couple years; I have a freezer partially full of it, so.

Also, I eat alot of raw vegetables and fruit, so that's factored in, and kinda cuts back on the whole of my cooking.
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