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HOME in HD please watch.

Migrated topic.
it seems to me that forceful, one sided, over simplified, preachy and manipulative emotional string pulling is not the way to go about trying to prove a speculative point. Its true that we should all do our part in making the world a cleaner place but not that long ago the world was all snowy and freezing and then it warmed up (not because of hair spray and airplane fumes) and now scientists can't even agree on if the weather is cooling or if its warming and nobody even really bothers bringing up the tiny little fact of sun spot cycles and general solar weather and the seasons of the sun that were still trying to learn about.
I agree with Jumiem's oppinion about this movie. However, I find it a great movie because of all the landmarks. These are really beautiful and although the speach is somewhat biased, it is a wonderful video to watch while doing something else as a background picture or to watch it with family and wonder at our (still) beautiful world. The main advantage over other movies of the same kind, for ex. Al Gore's, is that there is only nature being shown mainly and no irritating people (like Al Gore) going all around the screen most of the time.

This movie also brings some wonderful memories for me as I watched it at night on free air during one unique culture festival this summer. The feeling of being in nature with other like-minded people, good friends and watching this movie is indescribable. This is a really nice movie to watch while being surrounded by nature and in good company, indeed.

All the talking stuff can be successfully ignored most of the times though depending on the occasion and environment.
Personally, I'd prefer to watch the movie with some light music, I never take what people say to be fact, unless I see it myself, but even then, facts are equally opposed because of limitless perception possibilities. But if I had it my way, the world certainly wouldn't be like it is now, and I didn't need to hear anything, it's right there visually. It sadens me, but the present state of the world is just part of the process of going inevitably towards the inevitable, that which words would limitlessly contradict themself's and not to best describe.
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