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Homo Trypens garden

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Dear friends and strangers, it's about time that i show you my young garden!

It is a bit much and getting more, so i'll have a ToC here and edit this with links to later posts.

Table of contents:
- Introduction

- Acacia acuminata
- Acacia burkittii
- Acacia maidenii
- Cannabis sativa
- Ipomoea tricolor
- Lophophora williamsii
- Mimosa tenuiflora
- Nicotiana rustica
- Phalaris brachystachys
- Psilocybe cubensis
- Salvia splendens
- Trichocereus bridgesii
- Trichocereus pachanoi
- Trichocereus werdermannianus

- Cacti i bought or got gifted

EDIT: i removed all non psychoactive species from the ToC. If i listed all of them as well, it would be too much.
I had some previous experience with growing cannabis as well as mushrooms, and i grew up with a lot of plants because my mother is a bit of a maniac (jk, her gardening provides her with much needed grounding, and the result brings joy to everyone around). The place i live in has a terrace, and i've been wanting to populate it for a few years now. Somehow, i never did it, until this year.

It started last autumn, when I smoked changa again after not doing that for about a year. I came to the conclusion that long term, i'm not happy with just extracting my own alkaloids and blending them into changa. I want to grow my own extractable materials. Partly for sustainability reasons, partly because i know from cannabis and psilocybes that it goes deeper when you grew it yourself. The obvious first idea was to grow Mimosa tenuiflora (aka hostilis). So i went looking for seeds on the internet, and as it goes, i didn't just order mimosa, i ordered seeds of about 20 species. I documented much of the early progress in the welcome area of the forum - i was a sprout until late last november. Because our winters are too cold, all the plants started in my living room, on the table, under a 48W fluorescent grow light. In december, i ordered more seeds, and it started to become obvious that this is going to be an addiction :D

Not all of my plants survived. I had one single seedling of Banisteriopsis caapi, it struggled from the start, and after 2 months of very slow development, it died. 3 different acacias, syrian rue, Salvia apiana, plus a few more species, did not sprout at all.

In march, when there were a few relatively warm weeks, i felt the urge to place things outside during days, and take them back in for the nights. Some mimosas didn't survive that. Almost all their leaves were burnt and fell off within a few days. 3 of them soon started new branches. They do live outside now, and the new branches seem to withstand the windy and sunny conditions there.
Trichocereus pachanoi

These are seeds i got as a bonus on my first seed order. They were labelled 'T. pachanoi - San Pedro (direct from Peru)', so i assume they were collected from a wild pach. I sowed them in december, they germed in january.



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Salvia splendens

These are from seeds. Only 2 sprouted. I don't remember how many i sowed, probably 10 or 20.

One has lived inside all the time and still does - it is flowering now. I tried to manually pollinate the flowers, we'll see if it worked :)

The other one, i placed on the terrace in late april. Almost all the leaves were burned, only the top few had some green left. That was sufficient to continue growth, and at every single location where a leaf had fallen off, branches started to emerge. By now, it looks pretty healthy again. Only the stem looks very withered.

EDIT 2020-07-23:
The one outside has been in full bloom for a while now. I should be able to harvest some seeds soon.


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Cannabis sativa

These are from seeds. They're all CBD of course.

When i sprouted them inside, there wasn't enough light, so they had really tall weak stems. I had to be careful acclimatizing them outside. As it seems, it worked out just fine :)


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Metta-Morpheus said:
Lovely flower! I like that brilliant red. Is that anything like salvia d, or is that a plain ole sage?

Yeah, i was pleasantly surprised by these flowers :)

It's a good question. I bought it simply because it looks nice, and apparently it has some sort of shamanic use. I recall hearing someone say splendens might have Salvinorin, can't remember if A or B. I have no idea if it's true.
I recently purchased two cacti, and got gifted another 3.

- a Trichocereus bridgesii monstrose ~ 30cm tall and 6cm thick
- a Lophophora caespitosa ~ 10 years old
- a Lophophora williamsii
- a Trichocereus pachanoi ~ 10cm tall and 3cm thick
- a triple Trichocereus bridgesii

EDIT 2020-07-23:
I got another one! A massive Dawson's Blue from half a globe away.


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I started a bunch of Trichocereus bridgesii and Trichocereus werdermannianus seeds in a plastic container. They occupy different halfs of the container, and if i want to know which is which, i have to count or wait until it's obvious :)


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I sowed some Phalaris brachystachys, way too early, but yeah.
I put it outside in april iirc, and today i harvested a first round of seeds :)

i had tried to affix some plastic bags to the flowers, in order to catch all seeds. But rain bent the grass, water flowed into the bags, it didn't work at all, so i removed the bags. Probably i'm losing some of the seeds this way, but i'll just look everyday if i see new ripe seeds, and retrieve them by bending bundles and shaking them inside a dry plastic bag.


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Acacia burkittii

Third time is the charm :) After 2 failed attempts, i got several seeds to sprout (5 so far, number increasing daily atm).

EDIT 2020-07-22:
They're several burkittii now, plus one acuminata and two maidenii. After a few weeks inside under grow tubes, they're now outside as well, and they seem to enjoy it so far.


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Mimosa tenuiflora

My whole 'garden' started with these, last autumn. I kept them under grow tubes indoors for the first ~6 months. Sadly, when i did put them outside, they didn't like it at first, and most of them nearly died. I just continued watering all the ones that still had some green (one actually died completely, lost all leaves).

Here's some pics of how they look now.


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Ipomoea tricolor

I started a few morning glories inside under tubes. When i placed them outside, all but one died. I thought it was because of too much wind, but it must have also been not hot enough, because now there is one growing in full wind without problems.


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