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horrid taste plus thick salavia build up

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So I've had a few trips on some nice DMT extracted from MHRB. Just straight to base and no re-crystallisation.

1 thing that i really dont like is the taste and in particular that during the trip thick saliva builds up in my mouth.

Does this happen to anyone else? its really off putting as not only is it quite thick but its also has a mild DMT taste.

And ive not even got close to a breakthrough dosage. I've smoked enough to get the visuals making the whole room go crazy and closing my eyes produces bright purple/blue visuals with geometric patterns.

Im using a home made water bong, which is basically a 1 pint mild bottle with a plastic tub going into it and in the water, with thick foil as a guaze with holes in it. The water works well at making the smoke smoother and it must be removing some if the taste/smell as clean water after 1 use stinks.

I use a thin layer of tobacco, then spice, then another thin layer of tobacco.

The first hit i think just liquefies the DMT and then when i take the 2nd hit I know I've taking it in. I then take a 3rd to make sure I've gotten everything.

The trip starts then about a minute later this thick saliva starts building up???

Im thinking about smoking it with some passion flower, as i really don't see me being able to smoke much more than i am right now which cant be any more than say 15-20gm
I often find that when I burn the spice accidentally I get the change in my saliva. It's not very nice. I also get a bizarre problem where I think there's something on the end of my tongue (there's not!) and I have the need to spit it out. Very annoying.

Might be worth experimenting with smoking on an ash bed rather than anything combustible. Put a good amount of ash (.5–1cm) on top too. Let the flame hit the ash but not go in it.

i really don't see me being able to smoke much more than i am right now which cant be any more than say 15-20gm

I don't think I would be experiencing mild effects from over half an ounce of spice ;)

Seriously though...

Another advantage of using ash is that there's no extra vapour/smoke to inhale, may make things easier.
Try cleaning your spice, might make it a bit more manageable, but as said everywhere, it has a very very distinct smell/taste. you can try using a vaporizer, or if its still very bothersome, try some pharmahuasca.

Another thing i've noticed, many report these uncomfortable feelings from low dosages / mid breakthrough dosages. Most once experienced, fly by the breakthrough(~50mg dose) and a lot of the uncomfortable feelings are gone and they are more capable of analyzing the spice world.
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