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How do I adjust this recipe?

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Yes, SWIM would recommend a STB. 1gr MHRB to 1gr Lye to 15ml water. Powder the MHRB and put into a crock pot. Add Lye to water carefully (wearing safety glasses & Nitrile gloves) and pour onto the MHRB. Turn the crock pot on and let steep for 1-2hrs. Add 100ml naptha and stir well for 1hr. pour off the red water/naptha into a mayonnaise jar or a tall slim jar roll or shake and then let the naptha and water separate. Use a turkey baster to remove the naptha from the top. Any water that gets pulled up into the turkey baster let it fall back into the jar. Put the naptha into a small jar like a baby food jar and then put into the freezer overnight. After a few hours the naptha should get very cloudy and then crystals should start precipitating out. In the morning pour off the naptha (back into the liquid which goes back into the crock pot for another pull) and let the crystals dry out. Add enough new naptha to the amount poured off of the crystals to bring the amount back to 100ml and put back into the crock pot for another pull. The crock pot is used to make the naptha hot so that it will absorb as much spice as possible.
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