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How do they make the Santo Daime brew?

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I know the Peruvian method is boiling it (in several changes of water, right?) and reducing it down to a thick syrup.

I hear that the Santo Daime brew is more like a watery tea. Do they boil it in one change of water? And for how long?

I also would like to know their sacrement recepy..

I guess the ..Santo Daime consider it ... a state secret!... like.. mcdonalds ..secret sauce?:lol:
i may have found something...Its like a tea!

[just copy and paste ..[all words below]... and do google search]

very ilistrated! lots of pictures!

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Jun 26, 2023 — By mixing up daimes in different degrees, one can cook a new batch in pots filled only with chacruna leaves, which requires constant mixing with ...
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Good find! Although, some portions of the article are difficult to decipher.

The smashing was done in the traditional fashion, by hand, on stumps fixed to the floor of the feitio shed, covered with a white canvas (some other feitio places might employ machines to chop up branches). Barefoot, the smashers pounded the vine sticks with rhythmic punches, following the cadence of hymns sung nonstop, hours on end.

On that particular day the work continued till around 5 a.m. Each pot was then stacked with seven layers of the two ingredients. In the first layer, sturdy jagube fibers cover the bottom of the pot, in order to avoid direct contact—and consequent burning—of the chacruna leaves with the metal. Once there is a bed of green leaf material, fibers can be layered with the powder, also produced in the smashing of jagube.

In the feitio during the Chacruna retreat, each pot received 40 kilograms (kg) of vines, 8 kg of leaves, and 60 liters of water. After a few hours over the fire the yellowish-brown liquid is reduced to half the volume and then collected in the drainer, a metal gutter mounted on a wooden frame. At this point the brew is not yet considered daime, i.e. it cannot be used as sacrament in rituals.

The second paragraph doesn't make sense to me, in a lot of ways.

The feitio at the Divine Star employs a trio of pots, or more than that, but always in multiples of three. The concentrated liquid from the first two pots is then poured in the third, assembled with the noblest material of jagube and carefully chosen chacruna leaves. The resulting batch is then cooked for a new reduction phase over the fire, and only when it is finished the beverage attains a sacramental status.
This is very interesting way to make the brew...

I would guess the modern... Santo Daime .. churches take some short cuts like using a gas or electric stove ect...

I think the churches must make the brew easy to drink down...because of all the different age groups of people in the church...

They dont want 80 percent of their members puking all over the place...

If easy to drink i wouldent mind trying some...

i wonder about copying this method only using bark in place of the leaf...and rue in place of the vine ...could make a tea similar to this?
Daime is absolutely some gourmet shit, especially the strong reduction makes it last eternally and good tasting. A friend of mine once participated in a feitio in Brazil and came up with the recipe which is quite simple.
But the big amount of brew and the several cooking steps makes it really delicious and highly effective.

Here is a good video from ceu da lua cheia, the church from Leo artese, to get an impression. Feitios lasts usually several days and sometimes the brew for one year is made once.

Edit: by the way, Daime is a lot about concentration and firmness (firmeza), so experienced members normally don't puke, not because of the chemistry of the brew, but because they are firm not to puke. Also the dosage for a good work in Santo daim is mostly lesser than the those in the rituals of other traditions

Puking happens with beginners and there are always some recipients around or a toilet not far.
I went to a ceremony in Devon, England. Had to chug down a bottle of water and make myself vomit. Went outside to practice Kung Fu whilst I waited for the organization. There were SAS soldiers training all around me, very surreal. Then I had to speak to some of the Santo Diame people from France organizing it and explain i'd set intentions, then they wanted me to strip naked and get in a bath with flowers. I have no problem with nudity, but I didn't like they're vibe so explained I wouldn't be doing that for them. They moved on and told me what would be happening. There was a guy with a guitar that sang songs about Jesus (who is apparently the medicine, a rubber tapper was lost in the forest, drank Diame some how and spoke with Jesus? I imagine the truth is native people rescued him but that's not their story). We drank some red liquid and I started to feel the effects instantly, I was near my bucket my partner had given me, she has worked in medicine circles for years. Almost as quickly as it came on I felt the effects vanish, I was so disappointed, I understood that my gut had neutralized the DMT as the inhibitor was short in the brew. I tried to smoke a joint and the people running the ceremony started getting upset, I asked for more medicine and explained it wasn't working for me. 10 minutes later most of the room were flailing around, making noises and allegedly having psychedelic experiences. I was allowed more medicine later, but it was all too little to late. I had to listen to this guy singing about Jesus all night and basically refused to sing when I realized how poor the medicine was. I've since tried Changa and DMT. They worked and I thought I was going to throw up with Changa, but didn't. I've been singularly unimpressed by all my experiences with DMT even when it's worked and been relatively powerful. I think it's just not my ally. I honestly think you need to go on a path for a year and eat a special diet and stay away from sunlight to really reap the rewards of this teacher plant. Peyote, Mushrooms and Salvia have proven to be my teacher plant allies.
Hi Transition,

the non SD (haven't done SD format) groups I did, there was always that spectrum of experiences among participants, ranging from near zero to full on experiences. As if they must have drank not the same, but they did.

At home, I've had very inconsistent results from same material/dose. As if I can't really predict the degree of outcome given a consistent dose of same material. And that's the same person.

Prevailing personal sensitivity or lack thereof exist too, that would be a more constant over several trials.

Weird things...
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