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How do we wake up and does it have stages similarly as falling a sleep does?

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I was looking around and finding not much info, so all I've got is my personal experience.
Falling a sleep is easy, and the effects (first few stages of sleep) are easily noticeable and commonly known too I think.
But we never talk about waking up. While for me, smoke for instance in the form of tobacco hits way harder (at least the dizziness part) for a good 30-60 minutes after waking up.
Feels like consciousness is slowly regaining itself.
Does anyone have anything that tries to accurately describe or just give an idea to the common folk on what is happening and for how long after we wake up?
...have mostly focused on the terrors of falling asleep, in particular the part after the wibbly-wobblyness eases up, but we believe it happens in stages, there is also stages (...we think) in between the unity noorani noor (clear light, ground luminosity or darkness --for some??) deep dreamless stages and REM (dream) stages and the stages where one incorporates outer stuff (loike words, word-play, intense thinking about outer words ).
..such as:
Rasool-Ullah (SAW) said:
“man 'arafa nafsahu faqad 'arafa Rabbahu”
“Whosoever knows himself knows his Lord.”

Hazrat Ali (AS) said:
"The whole Qur'an is compressed in surah Al-Fateeha, surah Fateeha is compressed in the Basmala and the whole Basmala is compressed in the Dot (nuqta/bindu/tigle) of the 'Bay' (B-the first letter of the Basmala) and I am that Dot (nuqta/bindu/tigle)"....
This is an interesting book, not sure if it will cover the question (jump to page 114), but:
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