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How do you cook fresh Acacia root bark?

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Hello dear nexians

Seeking advice on how to process fresh acacia acuminate broad leaf root bark for Ayahuasca.

The rootbark was harvested two days ago. I shredded the bark with hand then chopped it some more with a scissor then thrown in the coffee blender to look as in the picture added below

Is this enough processing for cooking with citric acid? It's cooking already but I have doubts of the bark is shredded enough to release it's alkaloid countent into the water.

I have used the trunk bark from the same acuminate for Ayahuasca processed in this same manner and drank it with rue. It was pretty mild. Now am using the root bark and hoping it would contain higher ratio of DMT and betacarbolines.

The tree is at the end of its life already in a plant museum and I was granted permission to harvest from it. There was rain for few days before harvest day and the tree has just finished flowering.

Any one else tried fresh acuminate root bark here? Also can I add egg white to rue tea to eliminate tannins just like with acacia tea?

Last time I drank the trunk bark tea it was so harsh and very high in tannins.


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