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How does your changa look like ?

Migrated topic.
And mine.

700mg spice
200 mg Harmalas

dissolved in medical Ethanol and then left to soak with

200 mg Spearmint
200 mg Passion flower
200 mg Jasmine
100 mg Mary Jane

Looking forward to trying it soon, this is my first try with harmalas made from Caapi and following the easy caapi extraction tek posted by Gibran.


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Holiday Spice Rack:

From left to right:

5x caapi + peppermentalism
caapi + dagga
caapi + patchouli
electric sheep
5x caapi

each infused with a 1:1 ratio
peppermentalism contains:
peppermint,spearmint,chamomile,passionflower,lavender,catnip,rosemary,stevia,licorice root


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very nice blends astralspice thank you for posting it I am sure it taste as good as it looks 😉
dude as far as i can tell , im part everything lol and i honistly feel that way but the catnip was just an added bonus in the tea bag i split open haha
Here's my first effort.

200mg Mullein
150mg Calea zacatechichi,
150mg Blue Lotus
125mg gibran2 full spectrum Caapi extract
500mg DMT


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ziggus said:
Here's my first effort.

200mg Mullein
150mg Calea zacatechichi,
150mg Blue Lotus
125mg gibran2 full spectrum Caapi extract
500mg DMT

Looks very nice. Well done. I think it will taste as good as it looks ;)

So you infused only mullein and calea ? or just mullein ?
Thanks, looking forward to trying it on the weekend. Yep... infused Mullein and Calea, used Everclear as the solvent.
This is a lemon jasmine blend.

1000mg spice
250mg harmalas
mullein as the base

a smoking blend I created that includes:

10x caapi
pau d arco extract
P. incarnata extract

Added spice and harmalas to the above ingredients, once dry I added:
fresh caapi leaves
fresh jasmine flowers
sacred lotus petals and stamens
a couple of drops of lemon essential oil to the lid of the container and then closed up for a week.

This is one of the smoothest, tastiest blends I've ever made and have gotten nothing but rave reviews from those who have gotten to enjoy it.


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I do make my own, but usually just in small batches for use in changa. I just shred and grind the bark and then soak it in alcohol for a few weeks. Then evap it onto the base herb(s), usually mullein and a bit of 10x caapi, and add that to the different changa blends I come up with.

As far as other uses go, I never really use it for any ailment but according to wikipedia, it's good for a few things, including battling cancer.

The bark is dried, shredded, and then boiled making a bitter or sour-tasting brownish-colored tea. Tea from the inner bark of Pink Ipê (T. impetiginosa) is known as Lapacho or Taheebo[6]. Its main chemical principles are lapachol, quercetin, and other flavonoids. It is also available in pill form. Taheebo has been used for years in Central America and South America to treat a number of diseases including Eczema, Candidiasis, Fungal infections and even cancer.[7] The worth and use of Taheebo extract has been related to the importance of quinine, which is taken from the bark of the South American Cinchona tree and is a medicinally accepted treatment for malaria.[8] The herbal remedy is typically used during flu and cold season and for easing smoker's cough.[citation needed] It apparently works as an expectorant, by promoting the lungs to cough up and free deeply embedded mucus and contaminants.[citation needed] However, lapachol is rather toxic and therefore a more topical use e.g. as antibiotic or pesticide may be advisable.[citation needed] Other species with significant folk medical use are T. alba and Yellow Lapacho (T. serratifolia).
Tabebuia heteropoda, T. incana, and other species are occasionally used as an additive to the entheogenic drink Ayahuasca.[9]
@ziggus that is a mighty colorful tasty looking blend. Well done!
@astralspice- wow brother! nice collection of infused organic material.

thanks for sharing.


10x caapi : DMT at a 1:1 ratio if you really want to get down to business, anything else is just FLUFF. lol
Nothing wrong with a bit of FLUFF 😉

Purges said:
Nothing wrong with a bit of FLUFF 😉



I've never used FLUFF in my changa.

I've never turned down an opportunity to try some though:twisted:

I think its absolutely wonderful that our members have such a passsion for what they are doing. Its great seeing whats going on out there and knowing that this information is spreading to others out there.

I think I may try my hand. I like that recipe ziggus put out there.
here we go new mix :

fluffy little kitten infused with spice and harmalas on a bed of nice herbs :D
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