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How has the DMT experience evolved for you over time?

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When I first started experimenting with DMT, the whole experience was incredibly alien on almost every level - the sounds, the multidimensional objects summoned by impossible beings, the vast jewelled palaces... emerging on the tail end after a smoke would usually entail humbled moments of "what the hell did I just experience!". But the focus was very much on the visions themselves and less so perhaps on what what was learnt..

With time though, the dmt experience has really blossomed into something a lot more meaninginful for me - there's elements of it that are still alien (at least when trying to ponder it outside of hyperspace)- though for the most part it seemes to have shifted more towards self develelopment - the primary focus to nurture my innate capacity for love.. making swiftly known any behaviour that does said capacity a disservice. the intelligence of the dmt experience feels like an old friend now.. and a particularly wise one

What I used to percieve as various entities or spirit guides taking abode in the beyond, I have come to recognise as various costumes worn by the same vast intelligence - culturally recognizable archetypes which helped give some sense of familiarity in such a bizarre and alien place - a guiding hand to surrender in the fleeting moments of confrontation. With time, the jester has removed its mask, and the plot has thickened.

I am interested in how the dmt experience has evolved over time for other members here? Have others undergone similar growth in their relationship with dmt?
I would say very similar to your own in terms of its development.

Initially it was Alien - really alien. And scary.

Then it became a 2nd home. It was always about learning - except I think the first lessons were about fear and astonishment.

Its not about the visuals, but they are a big part of the emotional impact of a trip - and these have changed significantly. Initially it was geometry, lights and lines in the dark forming entities, spaces, worlds. Then it became solids and fractal environments, and finally (to where I was when I last used), which is the hardest to describe as I think it is less visual - but it could easily be made up of imagery from this physical reality or made of 3d/4d photographs however nothing really being anything recognisable from real life. Looking at what I just wrote you could say it started like line drawings, went through cartoons and ended up as high def photography, except that none of these was 2D.

It keeps moving on each time you notch down a lesson, and seems to be going somewhere. But isn't that just life, you may notice that physical reality is exactly the same - you just need to listen.
The aesthetic of the visuals hasn't changed per say, but there are certain aesthetic themes that I can remember that I have not seen in a long time. Themes of the worlds made up of clay or sandpaper (not as pleasant), and such. There was also much less fear and negative entities in the beginning. Fear didn't enter the situation for months after daily use.
well said guys :) I really liked your analogy about the evolution from a line drawing through to 3d graphics, upwaysidedown.. I've found as Global said, that the aesthetics have remained much the same, but something feels a little more minimalist now in that the focus is more emotional than visual...its the message that really sticks with me when I emerge, not the profundity of the aesthetics themselves as was the case in the beginning- I suppose thats just part of getting used to it

The experience occasionally has a more physically relatable set of imagery to convey its message. A memorable example was once entering the typical blinding light and it was occupied with none other than a toy wooden "pull along" chicken...it was just the toy on a blank white canvas void of the usual elegant make up I'd previously known hyperspace to be. behind it was a voice telling me "if you are going to act like a baby then you'll be treated like one" .. I'll avoid going into details other than to say that a friend and I were not acting like adults towards each other at the time

It was of course always about learning for me as well.. though as earlier mentioned the message "sticks out" much more so than when I first started - and the visuals or "mechanics" of hyperspace are less of a focal point.

thats interesting Global, the introduction of fear into the experience was perhaps the opposite in my experience...more present in some of my ealier experiences as opposed to now. Ironically I was not as nervous about using DMT when I first started, yet there was more fear present in my journeys (at least more emotional reaction to the darker content).. and now, I am a lot more nervous before diving in - but the journey is usually much more nurturing and "smooth" - though I still have some frightening moments here and there

and yes, upwaysidedown it does progress much like life.. perhaps a more compressed version what with the short duration so rife with content and all

When I first learned about DMT it grabbed me. I thought about it all the time. I devoured experience reports and researched DMT to an almost obsession. It all seemed so strange and wonderful to me. An insatiable curiosity built up inside of me.

The day finally came when I had DMT in my possession. I had created it in my life. The moment had come. What I experienced would change all my perspectives forever. More questions were created than answered. I was presented a puzzle which I felt needed to be solved. I would partake more often than I should have in hind sight but I was captured by the puzzle. It almost felt like enlightenment was two tokes away. Next time I would receive more pieces to solve the puzzle. The puzzle is infinite. It cannot be completed. I collected pieces upon pieces.

I got to a point where I had too many pieces and could not place them together. A cognitive dissonance was created in my mind. I was so conflicted. I received so called 'hyperslaps'. Yet I would continue. Pushing past my fears. Letting go and finding myself gone. I found that I would return to the similar state of mind every journey. I would simply lose myself into just being. No visions, no colors, no entities, no nothing. Just being. Simple awareness.

DMT did not get boring per se, however it was like attending the same lesson in the same classroom with the same teacher over and over. I would return to this classroom. Here I am again. I have seen this before. I know where I am. I lost all my fears. I lost all my desire. I lost myself completely. I could finally let go. It feels like dying.

The lesson of dying. Learning to die is learning to live. We create in life and death. Our minds play out fears and desires, all of which is illusions. There is only awareness. We are all this awareness in life and death. It is all the same. Made of the same thing. The pieces of the puzzle are all complete in themselves. There is no puzzle. It is complete and not fractured. No pieces. All connected. This has brought me a tremendous amount of peace in my mind. I live in a much more present way now. I am aware that my thoughts create my reality and allow myself to flow with the good vibrations. Aware of my quality of thoughts and emotions. We are all vibration and frequency. We can choose how to vibrate and sing in this universe. We have the tools.

I don't ingest DMT very often anymore. I find I lose myself. I just let go. It is like I need to integrate letting go fully before I will be shown more. Right now the lesson seems to be over. It feels that I am instructed to apply the lesson in this reality before I can proceed.

I await the call from the teacher. When I hear the call I actually get excited now. No fear. Just like getting a call from an old friend who wants to meet up. Excited to meet my friend again. I made friends with DMT. In making friends with DMT I made friends with myself. I feel connected. We are all connected.

I have always liked your posts. But this one from your initial immersion to conclusions mirrors my own really closely and is so well written. If only I had a less pushy personality I would probably be taking the slowing to a current stop of lessons better, and have a really chilled attitude towards it as you do.
upwaysidedown said:

I have always liked your posts. But this one from your initial immersion to conclusions mirrors my own really closely and is so well written. If only I had a less pushy personality I would probably be taking the slowing to a current stop of lessons better, and have a really chilled attitude towards it as you do.

I appreciate your kind words!

Push and it pushes back. Embrace and it embraces back.
a moving post indeed DmnStr8 thanks for taking the time to articulate your journey.. I feel similarly with DMT in regards to needing to integrate some of its lessons before moving further (although I have never really been a frequent user compared to many)
I might smoke changa 1-2 times a year, but when I do I load a big dose and pull on that pipe as hard as I physically can handle. I like a few strong experiences spread out over a year; it's been the most benefit to me.

The experiences are just as profound as they were the first time I smoked. Aesthetics, the various intensities, entities, vibrations, hues, motifs, structures, places, they're all still very much there - the common denominator things that make hyperspace 'hyperspace' for me.

The fear is still there though much less.

Acceptance of hyperspaces infinite possibilities, flavors, and intensities. The experience is more powerful than I could ever handle and/or imagine. Smile. Laugh. Stretch.
Yeah I'm much the same now.. usually a few times a year (not including smaller doses)

it certainly doesn't lose its profundity! I find it every bit as intense and ineffable as day one
At first it felt like this:

Now the hardware runs like this:

For further reference and elucidation as to the evolution of my changa experiences over the past few years, I beg you to Please read my posts about the ISWF on the salvia notes section of the forum; low dose salvia goes hand-in-hand with changalicious blends and tends to increase the odds of these oddly interesting characters/spirit-animals/allies materializing before my hyperspatial ISAMic mind. Amon Tobin's music is the closest analogy/model I could ever hope to craft out of any psychedelic experience. Ever.
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