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how long have SWIY been smoking the spice?

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so SWIM was just wondering how long and how often do SWIY smoke spice?

SWIM has been smoking it since 7/13/07 just before midnight..it was a friday..so friday the 13th...and has been smoking it ever since...fairly often..when SWIM first found it...was smoking it every day...then maybe 3-4 times a week...and now its about 1 time a week..sometimes will go 2-3 weeks...depending on what the spice is telling SWIM..

its amazing how much one year can change the whole direction of your life
not very long..

First contact with dmt was in the shape of ayahuasca, in some rituals years ago.. then very interested in dmt, reading and talking about it about 3, 4 years ago, but it seemed always so out of reach, totaly exotic.. So just continued in the path of ayahuasca sessions and entheogens in general.

about 2,5 years ago had the first dmt experience with some friend who had gotten as a present from some foreigner some brown oily stuff. Had amazing experience, but still no strong connection to a fixed source. Just tried it a couple of times, and for some reason also did not research about extraction. I guess it was just not the time yet

then about a year and a half ago while traveling in europe for a couple of months, met someone in a psy festival who was extracting and described me.. So as soon as back to homeland, made the mission with a friend..

since then, even with loads at home, SWIM has not been smoking too often.. mostly he just gives away. Its great to introduce people to it :) SWIM smokes maybe once or twice a month max.. and also once or twice a month SWIM ingests it orally with caapi or rue, or participates in an ayahuasca session. Actually SWIM is more into oral use than smoking, as seems to teach more.. but still obviously its great to have that full blown smoked dmt trip, once in a while
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