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How long to wait before driving

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How long would it be prudent to wait before driving after ingesting either vaporized DMT or Changa. I would assume that the Changa would be a longer period, but does anyone have a good rule of thump for this?
I would say in general about 30 minutes, BUT ... DMT seems to have a very wide range of effects on different people. If you feel ANY effects, or are in any way impaired, just wait.
slewb said:
Until you can drive safely.

Thinking in terms of "it's been [amount of time] therefore I am okay to drive" just sounds like bad news.

Absolutely, and I didn't mean to imply that a timer would be sufficient. I was more looking to get a sense of whether I should pack a snack or a sleeping bag (so to speak). I know I am sensitive to substances of all kinds, and am always careful to make sure that I am up to the task before I drive.
In my experience it's been more pack a snack than a sleeping bag, the same for my family and friends, having said that most of the time they stay over and we smoke lots of changa :d , obviously it's different for everyone but for us it's around 30-60 minutes after and if there are no other issues (being shook up from a difficult trip etc) then everyone has been ok and back to baseline able to drive.

Just pay close attention to yourself and if in doubt wait another 30 minutes or so.
Well for dmt its shorter. 1 hour should be the smalles amount of time you wait.

For changa just the trip alone gets extended enough that you should consider multiple hours or at least a day.

But we cant control you anyways :?

If you dont feel too tired from them and you are sure you are past all effects you can drive again.
But always make sure to really double check how well you feel.
And if you notice your reactions are slow and you overlooked a car or somehting just pull over asap.

But just be sure and let the car stand still the day you trip :thumb_up:
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