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How long will these seeds stay viable?

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I'm curious after reading that P. Viridis and B. Caapi do not store well....

How long will these stay viable?
Acacia Acuminata
Acacia Confusa
Mimosa Hostilis
Peganum Harmala
Verbascum Thapsus

I'm currently using a small plastic box that has magnets securing a desecant to the inside-top. Is there a better way?
Assuming the box is someplace dark and not leeching any plastics chemicals into the air...
Acacia acuminata over a decade, at least
Acacia confusa probably several years
Mimosa hostilis many years, at least
Peganum harmala over a decade, at least (I've germinated decade old seed)
Verbascum thapsus this one I had to look up... "82% germination after 5 years open storage (Comes et al., 1978 )" Better than I expected.
Open storage just means a situation basically identical to yours.
You should bookmark the Kew Seed Database, it often has this type of data on plants.

I store my seeds either in large glass jars or in a large ceramic hoop top cookie jar and store those in the fridge, letting them warm up to room temp before opening. Some I've just kept in a cool dark room for a decade, like my Peganum.
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