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How much 5-MeO could be in an N,N,-DMT extraction?

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Sorry if this isn't the right spot in advance, but I wanted to hear chemist opinions on this as talking about it offline with casual users tends to go nowhere, they believe that it is only possible to get 5-MeO from toad venom which I know might as well be true given how little is present in plants, and practically nobody I meet offline has dosed themselves in the ranges I'm speculating about.

From what I've read, as a layman, there can be 5-MeO present in tiny amounts in traditional N,N-DMT extraction sources such as Acacia and Mimosa. Years ago I was able to find a paper that gave estimates of the quantity, it was an extremely small amount compared to N,N-DMT present (I think, 0.01-0.03%). Does this sound right?

Given how potent 5MeO is, would it be possible for it, even if in sub-threshold doses, to potentiate the N,N-DMT experience. Say you vaporized 150mg-200mg N,N-DMT perfectly?

At such a high dose what other psychoactive chemicals might be present?

When I talk with people about 'breaking through' often their description falls in line with what I experience on ~35mg doses, which can be totally immersive visually and feel like you're within an entirely different reality, but then they often refer to bodily sensations that I can not associate with what I understand to be a break through dose. Even McKenna talks about how he can check his vital signs when experiencing a trip, he mentions checking his breathing by the sensation of his chest moving for an example, often people will talk about opening or closing their eyes too.

My experience is very different on doses 150mg+ and the only people that seem to experience the same level of total detachment from normally perceived reality and bodily sensations are people who have smoked 5MeO DMT. Consistently I will relate their interpretation of breaking through with my own on N,N-DMT, but very rarely can I relate to N,N-DMT users. I'm wondering if this is due to the dose, seeing as almost every N,N, user I've spoken to is talking of doses in the <50mg range. Only a couple of the people I've spoken to that share my view of a break through on N,N, also have taken 80mg+ doses to achieve that 'eternal void' state.

All of this leads me to believe that the N,N-DMT experience in high enough doses is identical to the 5MeO experience in normal doses, and I'm just trying to grasp for reasons as to why, whether it is just purely because of the dose potency or whether other chemicals come into play at 150mg+ doses.

I'd appreciate hearing your thoughts on this as it's something that's stuck with me for years and I haven't really gotten anywhere with the thought.
I didn't see anywhere in the litterature any confirmed datas of such amount of 5 meo DMT in mimosa or acacia ( hostilis and confusa).
There used to be debates about chaliponga being possibly carrier of 5 meo dmt low amount but all the analysis shown didn't found that to be true.
While there are 5 meo DMT sources in vegetal world, and the topic has been talked a few times but I don't see really any solid work on extraction and purification that could be consistent and repeated. One candidate can be some virola theiodora but it is unconsistant, but IMO has a good profile for a profile without all the purification you'd have to undergo if you go the phalaris red turkey route....
Therefore, general advice would be to get yourself all the analysis for home and maybe also send samples for further analysis before even thinking about bioessaying.
Thanks, that actually reminds me I think I did read something about a lot of the claims of 5-MeO being present being unrepeatable and likely unfounded.

Was high as fuck when I wrote that so appreciate you taking the time. 😁
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