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How much do you put in your smoking device?

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Just curious, how much does one put in their smoking device?

I was thinking for my first time 15 mg?

Too little? too much? Should I add herbs? Weed?

How much does everyone else put. And what type of trip does it come with?
It depends on how much you can smoke. It's not a bad idea to start small to test the waters and to refine your smoking technique. My friend used 15-25mg the first times. You can use herbs if you're smoking it in a bong (leaf bed method). Otherwise, "the machine" is a good device to smoke.

What can you expect with 15mg? A lot is possible. Some need only this much to breakthru. For my peruvian friend it would lead to a buzzing body high, with open and closed eye visuals starting at 20-25mg.
ugh...I've replied to your last comment about this.

I really. Do. Not. Appreciate. Your. Comments.

Look at my other reply. . . . . .

I'm a fucking newbie. Just because I do not know what the machine is, and EVERYONE who does, refers to it as 'the machine' does not help me understand what it is.

Please, do some research before you start thinking I'm a troll. Look at my first post. Second post. Third. Compared to my later post. I've been reading and researching. I've been learning. I'm a noob dude. Calm your jets.
This topic might help - thanks nexus - FAQ - All your basic questions and answers - Welcome to the DMT-Nexus

Depends on how you want to go about it. Do you want to go for a stronger trip, to see what you can see? I have read that some people say it was the best thing they ever did. If not, just work your way up.

My last trip was intense for me. I think back now, that I could of made the trip more "relaxing". I suggest if you want to go for a higher dose for the 1st time, do a smaller dose 1st. Take around 10-15mg, something that will just make you feel really good. Once a minute has passed, you should have the larger dose ready. You should be feeling GOOOOoooood by the time you are ready to go Wink . I am not sure, with the larger dose, that it would not need to be as much as it normally would, after already having 15mg. Maybe someone can answer this? Larger dose is hard to say. If your spice is very clean I would say 40-50mg.

If you are one of them people that breakthrough on really low doses, well, just go with it. Only thing I could say Shocked . By I think this method of a pre-dose is a good idea. I don't see a problem with pre-dosing, I cannot wait to try it myself.

Set and setting. I think the very best S&S is your own home. In your bedroom, with the bed ready for you to lay back and relax. Obviously no noise is wanted. Maybe have the blanket pull back so you can cover yourself up if you get cold. When I had my spice the 1st time, it was a little chilly, then it hit and it got rather cold. I ended up covering myself up. This S&S is probably for the 1st time. For sure after a number of trips, you will want to try outside in your garden. I really want to try in the garden, or in the bush at night. I have read good things from these settings.

Also if you are like me, and have not really had any psychedelics (have you?), the auditory hallucinations might weird you out (they did to me). I had LSD once not long ago, it was the ONLY drug I ever had. For that I had music playing and did not here the voices and random auditory till I tried to go to the toilet. I tried to ignore the noises, but ended up just "holding it in" and going back in the safe bedroom of madness. Next time I take some Spice, I am going to play music for sure! To drown out the random auditory, because Spices auditory was much more intensely weird then LSD. My head was like a universal radio wave receiver or something, receiving all these random sounds! But if you don't have a problem with auditory hallucinations, you can go with no music playing. Music is more of a choice as well, some prefer to have music playing, some dislike music playing.

If you do have music, make sure its not really loud. I think I have read Spice will amp up sound, making once loud music REALLY unbearable. But I could be wrong on this, someone who has had spice more will need to confirm this. Just have the music so is just above being ambient from what I have read.
One can also just go hard. Put a nice big pile of it on whatever you are smoking out of, take 1-2 or 3 hits until reality melts away. People dont actually do this. It was sarcasm.

however, honestly, if you can afford to buy MHRB, and all the supplies to extract, you should REALLY invest in a cheap mg scale. You can get them for under $50. I ALWAYS measure out my doses.
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