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How Much FASA?

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"One cannot put too much"
But what about putting too little?

I'm planning to do a FASA next week, and I was planning to use an equal amount of fumaric acid saturated acetone and of citric acid saturated one.
Should this be enough?

Another little question: once the fumarate dmt has sinked to the bottom, can I somehow reuse the remaining solution? A distillation would already be a good deal, but I haven't the required glassware.
Your post is a tad unclear.

Have you looked in the wiki?

A qualitative approach is described which may be tempered by reasonable estimates and the corresponding arithmetic.

Without solid figures we've got baseless speculation.

FASA from limonene? Xylene? Naphtha? Toluene? Or acetone? All of these would be possible solvents in this instance.

The remaining solution will be a mixture of your non-polar solvent and acetone. The acetone can be washed out of the NP solvent with water. For fun, it could be precipitated with sodium bisulfite although distillation would be more straightforward. As the wiki says, in an acetone-only process (no other solvent), the acetone can be reused if it doesn't contain an excess of fumaric acid. Otherwise, re-saturate it with fumaric acid and use for further FASA.

Why the use of two acids in one process? Won't that make things too complicated?
Sorry for the lack of detail in my post.

I'm very unexperienced with fasa, I was trying to follow Infundibulum 8 step process found here: The FASA Method: A Summary - DMT Fumarate and Beyond - FASA/FASI/FASW - Welcome to the DMT-Nexus

It's reported to extract from plant material in acetone with citric acid, so one has dmt citrate, then add fumaric acid saturated acetone and wait a few days. Being dmt fumarate insoluble in acetone it precipitates to the bottom.
My question was regarding how much fasa should I use. I guess it should be enough so that there would be an equal molar amount of citric acid and fumaric acid? So if I end up with 300 ml from the extraction I should add 300 ml of fasa?

You point out two acids shouldn't be necessary, and I was thinking the same while reading the tek. So could one just extract into pure acetone and then add fumaric acid?

EDIT: Ok, I've just answered all my questions by reading the wiki page you linked, thanks.
Don't know why but searching about FASA I didn't come across such page 😁
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