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How to achieve most desirable results from DMT

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Okay, so... My friend feels like his head is exploding and had never found dmt to be desirable. Not because of the psychedelic aspect, but it literally hurts him. And for several days he has a head ache that is fairly intense.

Now... other friends have used the same product and makes them feel refreshed and pure.

So here's where I'm going with this... DMT is a chemical that will likely react to other chemicals in your system. So does anyone know the importance of being completely detoxified from other substances? What substances are not complimentary? How important is it too be hydrated? What could cause one person to have such a painful head ache and the other to be relieved of their head ache?

Please share if you have ever felt this extreme head pain during our into days after use. Or if you've had amazing experiences. And reasons you believe your experience was what it was. Was it diet? Mind set? I'm really curious if anyone has noticed the importance of hydration, or if it makes a difference at all.

Please share.

I never experienced any physical discomfort with NN-DMT. It really was the case that 30 minutes or so after each time it were as if I had not taken anything at all.

Not sure if anyone really understands the full physiological aspect of how NN-DMT interacts with body chemistry, and add to that fact that each individual has his own body chemistry based on genetics and environmental factors. There could be abnormalities for example, which may only be discovered on autopsy after death. It could be neurological, or perhaps some psychological aspect.

Cover the basics like you said, hydration etc. Remove as much junk from the system as possible, basically reduce the number of possible causes. If it still happens then maybe it's just not compatible with your friends current overall state, in which case maybe don't force the issue and come back to it at some future point when maybe his state has changed?
It's just so weird to me that 6/10 times everything is fine. But those other 4 are hell. He's had migraines last up to 4 days. Here does drink kratom and I'm sold that the kratom it's giving him those unwanted effects. Ever hear of these two not going well together? My reason for thinking is kratom has an equal amount, if not more alkaloids that most species of mushroom. Impure spice has other alkaloids in it as well. Maybe a combo of these alkaloids is there culprate?
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