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How to Become a Cyborg (or, How to to Reach Psychedelic Awarness in Daily Life)

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Neō KyK ĖntheŌnaut
Here comes a gibbering mess , but , no miss. Only Logic and that kind of apparel.

"He's a machine" (Tank says)

Spending so much time in virtual reality, I find there is something very satisfying for man to feel like a machine and so, because corporation and progress is only going so slow and is rather expensive, I decided to upgrade myself on my own in the meantime.

This meant finding techniques that were the most easy to use, simple and direct. To stray off all unnecessary items this has lead me to focus solely on the body, on pure usefulness and so the benefits can be applied, or conjectures can be made, with all activities that someone could undertake, any discipline, they can be applied all the time, whatever the place or the situation.

To upgrade myself I need to understand the mechanism of my perceptions and make up games. If it's no fun, then it's boring and I won't do it. Those games would allow me to expand and explore my awareness. Because my body, and its fruit the mind, are the most advanced bio-weapons, I only used them as vector for information and trust their inherent programming for self awareness.

Then, I needed someone to play the game with.

So this is about finding a good game and a good companion.


+ + + + + + + 101 - Goku's Mighty Bird Eye + + + + + + +

I'm a very visual person and sight is omnipresent in my daily life, so this is what I will focus on at first.

They are multiple games to play, but before playing, warming up is necessary.

>>> WARMING UP >>>

Examples of warming up exercise for the eyes are as such:

- fix a point and focus on it with all your will power / stay focused as long as possible / if this is done on the grass or somewhere with repetitive pattern, it will increase peripheral vision and pattern recognition because the light ripples (be sure to stay focus on the point, do not simply gaze in emptiness)

- fix a point and move your head around / de-synchronization is fun / this will help you feel your center (center of gravity, between the hips/belly region) (it's very related to your eye balls, maybe even your testicles or boobs!)

- fix a point and then make circular ocular movements / draw with your eyes / take care to follow the lines of objects in front of you / stay focused on what is there and link/lock the movement to it

- look down and orientate your head in the same direction / then, make circle starting on the left with your eye and circle going on the right with your head / de-synchronization is fun / repeat at will and in reverse or in horizontal mode / you have to find the good rhythm and a feeling of balancing

- orientate your head down and your eyes up / put your eyes where you head was and vice versa / stay focused on what is there / the slowest the movement, the more efficient it will be / repeat horizontally or with diagonal axes

- orientate your head down and your eyes up / then, make circle from left to right with your eyes and one from right to left with your head / keep a good distance while doing so / hit as many points as possible / repeat at will and in reverse

- make up your own games !

WARNING : do not overdue or this will result in malfunction. Take the time and go at your rhythm. Going slow will be less tiring, as will be following lines within your surroundings rather drawing with your eyes (if you do so, it would be better to close your eyelids).

>>> Observation Games >>>

Now that we have warmed our bioweapon, we can now have fun and shoot at stuff (but only by sight eh!)

Games will mostly enhance pattern recognition, quality/acuity of vision, visual memory, movement understanding, etc.

To have good games we needed a good companion. Most visually satisfying tools around are:

- people and animals (anthropomorphic movement - Can be still or moving)

- plants (deconstructed movement / made still - Only still if not moved by someone else)

- water (most rapid and ever flowing movement)

Ideograms writing is also amazingly satisfying visually but we will get to this latter. We will for now stay in the three dimensional realm before jumping back in cubism and flat-ism.

Because my biocyber eye is spherical, it is pleased by depth. The Earth is also spherical and that must have something to do with why my biocyber eye likes the outside. Though it is not necessary to be outside to apply those techniques, because of the diversity of the outside world, this is where the most progress will be made. Eventually to be brought back in the inside one.

] ] ] ***

Some notions needs to be eluded before going further:

Everything is dots and lines. Lines more than often curved.

Everything is movement. It does not exist something where life does not imprint movement on it. Everything is subdued to time (well, except those letters apparently) and so movement.

*** [ [ [

We will decompose the exercises within three steps:

- Movement reconstitution

- Resting

- Applying to crowd observation and people / daily life

Step 2 happens whenever you feel the need. Steps 3 allows to put into practice what has been learned in a space optimized for doing so - that is, Step 1. Important is to find your own rhythm for doing things, in all thaht will be discussed here, only take what you need.

. . .
. . .
. . .


The most simple step. To rest, just close your eyes, gaze in emptiness or fixate a point for a while. This wider, less precise focus allows for better awareness of colors.

To rest more actively, look at water. Water surface propose kaleidoscopic vision of ever changing patterns that distorts your surrounding (kinda messes with your perception this liquid gal). Because its movement is extremely dynamic, it does not demand effort to look.

Be aware of the patterns that form and how they evolve. The game between the water and her companion the wind.

. . .
. . .
. . .


To train the eye to see movement and pattern, it will be most useful to have plants as companion.

Plants (trees, etc) will be more interesting with leaves (more diversity and so movement). Because they are still, you can move around them, choose an angle. This is foremost, amazing for problem solving and creativity. The ability to take a different point of view.

- - -


This game can be played with following companions for optimal effect: trees, plants, grass, branches on the ground, everything that looks like a line and is three dimensional or on a two dimensional ground.

Observe symmetrical lines within the branches, or leaves going in the same direction. Both vertically and horizontally.

Observe asymmetrical lines within branches or leaves going in opposite directions. Both vertically and horizontally.

The more you do, the easier it becomes. If you change position when you look at a tree or a plant, new (as)symmetrical/connections will be made. Because a branches is never straight, it will connect to different branches depending on the point of view of you biocyber self in the metashpere that is your environment.

All lines (something going from point A to point B) can be drawn within a circle. This circle is your referential frame. It depends on where you stand.

If you have two lines. Both will be inside a referential frame. There is only 360° possibility, so if you imagine two lines rotating at different speed within two circles, you will have all possibles layouts of those lines.

When you observe a plant, you are observing those lines going in all possible direction. A very complex mapping from a living artifact within a three dimensional referential. Because the artifact is of organic design, it evolves and is extremely complex. As such, it allows for more possibility of observation.

The more you do, the more lines you will be aware off and be able to assemble as to see the overarching movement, increasing your ensemble view.

Everything is lines. You have already seen two lines in that position, or three lines in that one one, or five in this other way. Just observe all possibles layouts. To imagine is one thing, but to observe with the senses is much different, much wider. Much more absolute experience. It is real, in front of you. This is what makes the upgrade possible.

To be aware where things are going implies being aware of where you stand. Of your point of view.

To observe the same basic patterns in all possible way keep the mind/eye young. Forever young. Playful.

- - -


This can be played with buds, flowers, raindrops mark, stars, everything that has multiple dots on a three or two dimensional space/ground.

This game is about numbers. You just have to count the dots.

What happens is you will see the same three/four/five/etc dots placed in infinite ways in space, forming innumerable diversity of patterns.

Jump with your eyes from one to the next or have a wide view and count as much as you want, in the way that feels the best for you.

You are learning to count not with a restrictive form but a dynamic one. Every arrangement is unique and demands you to observe physically the number, not make a mental abstraction or representation (1+2-5+6) which is always the same and limited in form, and therefor does not allow for "upgrade".

At some point you will instantly know when you are seeing a four, a five or a seventh. Depending in their placement and your ability to recognize the pattern on a micro/macro scale this will be more o less easy.

- - -


This game is best with leaves, flowers, food (rice, pasta, salad), car's headlights, motorcycles, etc.

The idea of this game is to see every leaf as what would be called a key position in animation, then to jump to the next and see the movement of the plant or the flowers. This is like the logic behind a flip book or a stop motion video.

If you infuse rhythm when looking at the same thing (leaf for example) positioned in all possibles ways (up or down, left or right and all in between) and always different (as each is distorted in a different because of its surrounding's influence over time) it will create the sensation of movement, the perception of it. You will reconstruct movement.

Like if it was a character you were animating with your eye/mind.

To observe the same thing infinitely different is amazing for memory. Because leaves are simple yet full of details, because they go in all directions, they are great for learning this.

Yet, anything that looks vaguely similar (cars, motorcycle)(everything that has a basic patterns) can be used for those techniques. Just take the same part and observe it on three/four/five/etc different presentation/part/people/etc.

When you "animate" them, what happens is that your mind, when jumping (that is it feels like taking a shot of a picture) from one to the next, will make a link of how this Xposition1 thing got to be Xposition2 thing, and then Xpos3, Xpos4, etc.

This is also great for symmetry/asymmetry/mirror sensation/perception. It is like seeing someone put his arms (lines) in different position and integrating as if you were doing this very movement.

Jumping from one position to the next feels like music. The same note on different octave and with different rhythm.

The more you do G3 coupled with G1 coupled with G2, the more you will be able to "READ MOVEMENT" (MR).

>>> <<<


MR is necessary for looking at tracks (hunter) or orientating oneself in a forest (most of humanity since the dawn of time), an ability that demonstrate a very efficient pattern recognition capacity and thereof visual memory.

Being able to acquire visual memory and enhance it with a technique you can make use all the time guaranty a form of mental strength.

Because occidental form of written language only possesses very few limited form, it is not so great for visual memory. It does not perpetuate the visual complexity of life. It is too simple.

The Chinese people have been aware of this and have made the best possible form of writing. A line, declined in all possible ways. Forming patterns. So many patterns not all can be known. But it keeps this visual acuity and logic which shows an understanding of human visual perception.

G2 is an ability necessary for looking at stars and being able to recognize the night sky and its evolution (so the placement of the Earth in the Cosmos) or for gatherer. Even hunters as they would need to be aware of how many preys they are after, and so on.

Writing and reading letter is very recent and if we do not balance it with the way our mind/eye function optimally, that is naturally, it has drastic consequences.

RM makes everything feel like music. Everything become flowing, the same pattern in different rhythm and therefor numeral.

The mind function better if it functions like music.

- Why does the mind not function like music anymore ?

Because of language. Language is : a sound associated to a fixed mental images. This allow complex form of argumentation and communication.

However, the former ability should not be lost. Music is : a sound free of a fixed mental image. What remains is the pure pattern, the rhythm, and the numeral nature is more accessible because they are no fixed meaning, only a perceptual experience.

Music is more physical, whereas Language is more mental.

- Why MR feels like music ?

MR feels like music because you are looking at the world not through the lenses of language but that of movement and rhythm, it is more censorial.

In G2 (Dots), we see the same point placed differently in space. This is like music notes. The distances between them, rhythm, is their place in space. When you jump from one note to the next, you do so with a rhythm. This rhythm is both imparted by what you are observing, as well as your own abilities - how you are observing.

Both G1-2-3 rely on seeing the world dynamically, with rhythm. Rhythm means movement.

Because the world is always in movement, and all at different rhythm, the best way to look at the world is with rhythm, like music and numbers.

>>> <<<

- - -


This game is best with tree branches or with the patterns formed inside tree leaves

A tree is one line separating in two lines. This happens a hundred time in a tree, in a hundred different way.

The more you do this, the more trees will feel ordered. Their logic will make sense and progress will be easy, and the more it will be fulfilling to look at.

Because it's the same pattern in so many different position (at different length, etc), it really feels like a puzzle or a brain teaser. You just have to twist it back in places. Solve the enigma.

If you change your angle, all the connections you had made might be lost but new one will be made and it will train your memory and perceptual abilities that much more.

Because every tree has a different logic, if you have observed enough of one, and its way to operate, you can jump at the next. It will be vaguely similar but also entirely different.

Again, this is great for problem solving, enhancing pattern recognition and so forth.

- - -


Each game can be practiced everywhere (city, countryside, forest, room with loads or food) but find what suits you best: walking or being still, standing up or sitting.

The more you will do, the more everything will feel ordered. Everything will feel known, as if this new assemblages of shapes was only the same as another one you have observed countless time and your mind naturally recognize the similarities.

At some point, looking at the grass feels like looking at the end credit of Akira. And looking at sweatshirt fallen on the ground, you can almost see how it has fallen, as to be in that precise position.

It feels like being a child, everything is worth looking at with wonder born of this exponential upgrading that is taking place. Everything feels perfect and like a painting.

At this point, your biocyber eye is functional and ready.

- - -


All games presented for sight can be applied everywhere.

This is step three.

People only are lines (arms and legs and body makes for five lines). If you are in the subway or the bus, you can just look with MR one person then the next and it feels like those paper flip books where the drawing evolves in front of you. You are seeing the same body, just one is shorter/taller, fatter/skinnier and the legs and arms are placed differently.

Wherever there is the same pattern repeating, there is an opportunity for upgrading, for learning.

Select the element "arm" (especially efficient because of their intermediary place in the body's structure and their ease of use to express ourselves) and observe all those arms all placed differently like so many domino, then select "nose" and then observe the noses of everyone around you, then select "ears", then select "mouth". Then select "left side of the ear" or "corner of the eye", and so on.

Instead of observing a bit of everything, you observe the same thing countless times, like you did with the leaves. And so you learn faster. You will then recognize this pattern better. This is machine learning and will make you a good cyborg.

How people are placed in the street or in the bus or an football field is only the same seven/fifteen/twenty same dots you have seen in the flowers, the bud, the stars.

If you train your ability for pattern recognition with organic quality interaction, it will (Dots and Lines game) increase you ability to situate yourself. You will get lost less (seeing things from above will become easier), or loose less things (because your memory will always be stimulated by focusing on physical perception).

Observing daily things like water boiling is great. As is watching carefully each portion of food you bring to your mouth with your fork or chopstick, an ephemeral and unique assemblage.

Just be aware all the time, it becomes effortless. Operate at a machine like efficiency.

Because you have trained your eyes for traceability and to recompose movement, you will be more able to see the details in the movements of living things like water, birds, falling leaves, rain, etc.

The movement of all different beings (plants or animals) follow the same logic. If you have observed this logic in slow motion, or a still form, you can see it better at a dynamic speed.

- - -


This is code error. It is the empty form. That is, the form of emptiness, that is formed of the other forms.

It is also good for resting and makes you aware of the distance between things. As such, it is great whenever you are in movement.

This ability is great for martial artist or just developing a healthy relationship with your surrounding. Note that some of this abilities obviously are native and we often apply them instinctively. By being aware of those innate thing we can build on them and better make use of them.

If you observe within emptiness the tree branches or grass, you may begin to see characters. Those are approximations and are less useful. And, though they demonstrate a good ability to recognize pattern, they also corrupt the data and present an imprint of the imagination on the outside world. Less numeral and more imbued with personal meaning. A bit like language compared to music.

In all past game, it is interesting to observe the effect forms have on your mind. Observing at some forms a certain way will produce a certain emotion, while looking at them in a different way will result in a different emotion.

To ROOT one self in movement is to be rooted in the only thing that is always present. To find joy and enhancement in all possible form of movement. Whatever the seasons or the place.


+ + + + + + + 202 . NOISEMAN SOUND INTEL + + + + + +

We will now focus on sound.

The ears are situated on the same line as the eyes and will present similarity in their perceptual functioning - that is, the prevalence of rhythm and patterns.

To observe those rhythm and pattern is easier through visual perception. That is because it is more still and easier to train the focus with (this may depends on people obviously, however, vision is something that takes so much place in our perceptual frame, that it is safe to say great efficiency can be derived from focusing on it).

It is easier to focus on because you have more control over your eyes than your ears. You can move your eyeballs or chose not to see. However, you cannot stop to ear (that is not without using another body part).

Once we have trained our visual perception of space (Dots game), it will be easier to understand and focus on those same dots rippling through the air.

Here there will be no games presented, though you can easily have fun counting the beats or the notes. Do make your own games and enjoy new ways of relating what you have learned visually, new ways to perceive the world, in the perception of sound.

Because sound is always moving and dynamic, it is heavily related to water (Even from a body standpoint, high production of saliva is necessary to form wide variety of sound). Because sound is like water, observing pattern with ears can be very relaxing and will increase what is been learned when observing patterns with the eyes.

You can make links while observing visually, such as playing music in your mind and other tricks.

The transmission and conversion of data will be very natural and effortless

For optimization of you biocyber ear, prefer wide spaces. Because of the depth, of the many dimensions from where it comes and evolves, it will have a better quality. Just as it is for vision/eye.

Unlike vision, you can form concrete sounds with your mouths. Using your own voice and exploring singing will make the best of it. Because you are creating patterns of organic richness/quality internally, it will allow you very well to liquefy your solid state patterns. Always have a way to be moving and dynamic. It is relaxing and effortless.


°°°°°°°_°°°°_°°°_° 101 * 202 °_°°°_°°°°_°°°°°°°

Your ability to upgrade you biocyber eyes and ears through pattern recognition rely in a very subtle sensation.

Each movement we see someone make, we see ourselves making it. The more you are naturally focuses on what is alike, the more you will see yourself in others and the world around.

It is easier to see ourselves making the movement, and understanding it, when its made by a similar body.

When the same movement is made by a body different of our own, it is more difficult to relate - that is at least the case if you leave secluded from other forms of life and do not have an active and sustained perception of your surrounding (something that is prevalent in the cities and a natural consequences of modernization).

Looking at a human body, you will learn things. Looking at a animal body, you will learn things. It is still close, limbs are more or less the same. Then insects, not only limbs but the size and the disposition is already vastly different. However, if you have trained yourself to see movement in animals, it will be easier to learn from insect and become a very efficient bio-machine. Then if you have learned enough from the insects, because they themselves have learn so much from the plants, leaning from the plants will become easier. Everything completes itself.

To be able to learn from all lifeforms at maximum capacity, through mimetic and mirror relationship, allows one to have very deep roots and infinite branches, wide and in all directions. Everything becomes integrated to one's programming, the more the forms, the more the same forms is observed infinitely, the more the programming is efficient and vast. The more will be transmitted to the next generation of programming and the update on their part efficient too.

- It may be that your inner bio-ships and bio-computer looks oddly like plants and retain the same logic as them. Though this is only a very experimental theory, enhanced pattern recognition has led our current programing to perceive a link between those dots and such has been formed this present line of thinking. Fractal that is -

+ + + + + + + 303 . Mimi's Yoga & CPU + + + + + + +

To gain good understanding of your bio-sphere and to upgrade truly to cyborg status, you will now need to apply the same fractal logic to your own body.

Because taste and smell are more diffused (abstract?) sensory information, they haven't, nor will be, discussed.

However, we can apply more easily this pattern logic to our physical body and limbs. Only dots and lines, after all. Only 1 and 0, if not all.

For better awareness of our biocyber selves, breath will be the best inherent program to use. Whereas sound made using the mouth brings a color, a vibration, breath is pure rhythm and propagate evenly within the all body. This most evolved technology will then be necessary to have the full benefits of the following exercises.

Breath should be relaxed and deep. Coming from the belly region.

Breath is the primordial movement that contains all others. It is always in movement. The movement of emptiness.

Movements that we have observed in nature and our daily surrounding, we will now observe on ourselves. Us doing those movement. In all possible directions.

. . . .

Because we are not interested in the forms we make up with our minds but rather like to stay on a very censorial, pattern and numeral oriented approach, we will stay off all mystical, godly perceptions. Though they may have been associated in a way to those exercises in different cultures, here they are of no interest to us.

. . . .

>>>> >>>


This game will take interest in the following part of your biocyber body : hands.

Hands are composed of five lines, at the tips of which there are thereof five dots.

This game is very simple, create as many position with your hands as you can, and every time, feel the tip of your fingers while focusing on your breath.

You can apply such pattern for learning optimization:

- inhale : start (bringing awareness) from little finger and then go to the thumb / exhale : start from thumb and go on to little finger.

- inhale : start from little finger, then ring finger, little finger, middle finger ... thumb finger / exhale : start from thumb, then index finger, then thumb, then middle finger ... little finger

- inhale : start from both little finger and thumb and end in the opposite of each in a way that it will cross at middle finger / exhale : reverse

- inhale : little finger - middle finger - thumb - ring finger - index finger / exhale : reverse

- make up your own, create the pattern that suits you. It is your body and ready to use.

This game will make you feel (emphasis on that word) the five same dots in all possible way. It allows you to make links you have never made before with your bare hands. It is good for the circulation of the fluids within you biocyber bodies, as well as their stretching abilities and flexibility.

It will train your mind for asymmetry and the same mirror reversed logic. If you are stuck in a mindset for example, just change the position of your hands in a more or less intricate ways, make up geometrical patterns with them. That is, a geometrical shape you can feel and interact with by moving in more or less subtle ways. They are no chains. Change the way you interact with your surrounding. Every time of the day, your hand are in a particular position, they often reflect your cyber-psyche current programming, so become aware and change your programming at will.

You can either create patterns with your hand separated or joined. Each hand different or the same. Hands placed at different places of your body.

Do not overdo this, do not stretch beyond your abilities or the upgrade will not be optimal and it will mess your reprogramming. Always be aware of your breath as it will allow you to focus more efficiently on the tips of your fingers and their place in the three dimensional space, and will also help to stay relaxed.

Just like you had seen the same five leaves in all positions, the same five branches making so many different arrangements, you can now make your own.

If you feel good with this game, have fun linking each finger to its foot-finger counterpart too. Wether by feeling the tip of your associated foot finger part as you execute patterns with your hands, or by forming geometrical shapes with both your hands and feet.

>>>> >>>>


This game is the same game as Zeta with replacing each fingers by a body part :

- Thumb is head

- Index finger is right hand/arm

- Middle finger right foot/leg

- ring finger is left foot/leg

- little finger is the left hand/arm

(This is an illustrative interpretation)

Place each point at different point in space and have fun feeling those dots in all kinds of bizarre positions.

For the same reason, only on a different scale, it has positive effects on your biocyber body and will enhance your evolution into a well oiled machine.

You can practice this while walking - and the relationship of the dots will then take the form of an shape shifting rectangle - or dancing, as well as stretching or still.

Be aware those are the same dots you observed countless time before for so many procedural eons.

This game encompasses dancing and as such, you can find companion for dancing and enhance yourself both at the same time ! While loosing your heads on the raging beat !

A good application of this game, especially for stressed out and anxious people, will be to count the rhythm in their daily movements. Tension often result in making sudden, off beat movement without being relaxed. It is then evident that making slow movement repetitively will relieve tension.

If you eat to fast, counting each munch you make (by three times or fourth or seventh, etc) can be a great way to slow down things a little.

You can also count your footsteps when you walk.



At first named Alpha, then Beta, it was renamed Gamma due to study on which letters, and assemblage of such, have the most incisive effect on the consumer/reader. You may have forget it by now, but this program is distributed to you by Bubblegum23M, your beloved company for the betterment of mankind through astute technological innovation. Please consider buying our neural implants - (available in every store, library, sport center, restaurant, temple or park) - we thank you for considering this offer and are pleased of your presence.

Whereas Zeta has been known elsewhere as Mudra and Omega as Yoga, Gamma is know as : massage (boo ya!)

It's very easy and just demands exploring your biocyber body and its outstanding complexity by pressing, caressing and toying with its skin and the muscles beneath it. Again, an increase in sensory information and the loosening of tension will facilitate your body fluids movements and thereof your upgrading process.

Massage should primarily be administered to ears and feet.

Ears because they are the less mobile organ on the face, and therefor will get colder than the rest. Massaging your ears will procure a release of warmth in the body. As you may not be used to feeling every bit of your ear, this will enhance sensitivity in this region. It may enhance audition.

Feet because they are often restrained, sometime to barbaric extent, and need to be relieved of tension. If feet are well massaged, stretch and so forth, you will perceive your sense of balance/equilibrium greatly enhanced.

Massage to the throat and the glands may be associated with breathing while saying syllables (not chanting or making a sound, breathing) and if you push the throat, it will stretch it and increase you singing ability / abilities to make vibration with your voice.

You can also massage the glands located close to the hips, between the legs and the lower belly.

And of course, because it is of the utmost importance so you can pass on your Enhanced Cyborg Body to the next generation, massage with precision and soothing intent your sexual organs and the associated regions. You can also have this massage be done by an exterior entity. If this entity, him or her, also has an Enhanced Cyber Body, this will be particular efficient and pleasurable.

>>> >>>> >>>


This game encompass everything that is related to the mouth organ. This ranges from chanting to beat boxing or just making weird noises.

Intense relaxation of the lips - as when trying to mimic the sound of a bubble engine or balancing the cheeks vividly - will relax the ears, the neck and the lower/back region of the skull. In the cold, it can help with circulation of your biocyber body fluids and increase the body temperature.

On the other hand, throat and overtone singing, will make the most effect on the mind and can bring a sense of calmness, focus, or bring more hard to put on words feeling and state of mind.


Note that you can easily mix up the games and so on. Be creative. If you have observed the unbounded creativity of nature (that includes man's society) in an active way, it should come naturally.

>>> >>> >>> >>> >>> >>> >>> >>> >>>
>>> >>> >>> >>> >>> >>> >>> >>> >>>
>>> >>> >>> >>> >>> >>> >>> >>> >>>

* / / / ** / / / * * * O R I O N * * * / / / ** / / / * <

By upgrading you biocyber body to the realms of the CYBORG, you have become a being unrecognizable from MAGIC.

Stardust soto speak.

Have fun with your new incarnation !

\*/ \*/ \*/ \*/ \*/ \*/ \*/ \*/


\*/ \*/ \*/ \*/ \*/ \*/ \*/ \*/

In my personal experience, this has helped me greatly with depression, memory loss and attention deficit.

It has helped me understand myself and others in a different light and has made everything in the world interesting. I have found back a thirst for learning and understanding, a curiosity and a confidence in myself I had lost since childhood.

This is the result of countless depression and upgrading my own system to go beyond this particular issue again and again. Even now.
I have a game.
I test myself and see whats going inside the body, i learn all about biolgy because you think you are an individual but do you know howmany bacteria live in your gut?
Or what happens when you are infected and what is it that infects you.

Frequent visits to the Doctor is very enlightening to me , i really enjoy know if i'm healthy or maybe not.
Also, i bet you i am just as knowledgeable as the local doctor.

So find your peace in your own game is what i hear you say, and i like it aswell.

Nice techniques to improve yourself with.
Keep it going fam.
^What Seagull said. I really like this thread and appreciate that you took the time to write these games. I find the text well structured. And also its intellectually nurturing, it satsfies that criteria for high concept; the title (how to become a cyborg...) as much as the idea, or essence, of the text, is high brow and creative.

My favorites are; Game Zeta and Omega, which can sort of be practiced with a partner and thats cool. Also EMPTINESS and FORMS.

I love how you constantly refer to emptiness, even in relation to movement, as if every game and every thought formation were a return to that deep silence and reverence and veneration which is emptiness.

"In all past game, it is interesting to observe the effect forms have on your mind. Observing at some forms a certain way will produce a certain emotion, while looking at them in a different way will result in a different emotion."
So simple, yet this game is capable of keeping you entertained for life...one just needs to be present to the constant change and growth which ocurrs in oneself (impermanence.)
Ha, I wasn't really expecting answers after all this time. Very nice to hear, thank you both.

It was actually written in a one shot fever and had me worried that it wasn't getting its point across all that well. So, I'm glad if at least some points are being heard. Since September, I've gotten in studying kanjis/ideograms seriously and really think the games about lines and such can give you most of the benefit of those if you still don't want to learn them. It became second nature and for the better, made learning of other things easier, so kuddoz if you get into it and unravel that everlasting pattern.

These days there's a lot in the back of my head I'd like to share about the nature of Hyperspace, but the appropriate time does not show itself and the envy of writing doesn't swallow this squeezy face. Also, there's an idea of coming up a sort of "Beginner's Book" filled with a few visualization exercises, movement meditations and singing, or even ritualistic examples, to sort of give a layer for people to build upon and make their own, but also for them to get a good introduction, something that could be shared by the seller or purveyor of the substance. Visualization exercise would be based on what can be learned from kanji study and link to both movement and sound, but also be a great way to fix an intention, in an expressive manner and to focus on it in a way that is already beyond thought. You could even had extra layers about nutrition or doctor's advice ^^
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