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How to Extract DMT Easily

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downwardsfromzero said:
More than luck, I wish you confidence and success - or is that the same thing? :thumb_up:

I think you're on to something there DFZ...In some situations (real) confidence can be the very same thing as success...At least, from my POV I can see that.

All I know is, the MHRB mush, that I am continuing to evaporate even further before commencing with the naphtha pulls, smells divine...
Exactly like the molecule that this forum is based upon.

There is something about that particular odor that gives me the "weebie-jeebies" in a really, really "good" way! It brings a joyous smile to my face and sends my mind reeling in myriad directions.

To me, simply smelling that smell is nearly as good a therapy as smoalking the finished product.

Come to think of it, I wish LSD had a smell...:roll:
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