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How to Flood Safely

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Hey Guys,

I'm looking to do a flood dose in the future my girlfriend was going to be my sitter one time and me a sitter for her when she does a flood.

Just curious about the safety precations we should take and how to dose etc. etc. all the ins and outs of doing it 100% safely :)
There are many things to consider when it comes to iboga. Interactions with other drugs or medication can be deadly, it can be physically and mentally exhausting, you will not be able to function properly for at least half a weak, and if you have arrhytmia or a weak heart, you should not do it anyway.

The best way to do it, is to flood gradually. Take a teaspoon of rootbark every hour instead of ingesting it all at once. Even if it takes two days to ingest your flood dose, it will still be effective. Make sure you are properly hydrated. Eating bananas and drinking broth is a good way to physically prepare yourself because of the sodium and potassium they contain. Don't eat anything when you are still under the influence of the substance, as your body will reject it anyway and you'll only lose water and minerals.

Do not take iboga as long as there is any other drug, still present in your body.

I think those are the most important rules.
What is a flood to you? 4 grams of rootbark was almost too much for me to deal with. The ataxia and tracers alone were extremely disorientating and the visions open and closed eyes were profound, for at least 12 hours. The experience did not end for almost 2 days and aftereffects went for weeks, at least.

Just be aware, Mckenna suggested 4 grams and said that was enough for him, which is why I stuck to that dose. I see people suggesting 20 grams etc on the net, and feel it is excessive and dangerous to jump into that at home.

It goes very well with cannabis IME, if that is your thing. Dont smoke until you are comfortable and settled into the experience. During the peak most likely you wont want to move..and for myself the open eye visions were like real hallucinations happening around me. I did not expect that.

Magnesium supplements for days before may increase your sensitivty to ibogaine and help with beneficial effects via NMDA antagonism.

best of luck.
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