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How to freebase 5-Meo-DMT HCL. Simple Tek.

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We have this question coming back sometimes, as those using this molecule generally know, it is more stable as salt form. So it is actually wise to save it in HCL form for exemple and only freebase it as you use it.
This way you avoide oxydisation.

So simply, to freebase your 5-MeO-DMT :

- Carefully weight what you need with a 0,001 g scale (milligram accurate), for exemple 100 mg (so it can be anything from 8 to 20 doses of vaped 5meo depending what dose suits you or what state you want to achieve (from 5mg to 15mg generally, higher can be way too much for most poeple)

- Then dose half of what you just weight (in this exemple we choose 100mg) so 50mg sodium carbonate.
- Mix them and crush together in a spoon.
- Add enough water to cover the mix of base and tryptamine (distilled water is best so neutral pH and less impurities in end product.)
- Then warm up carefully with a lighter, it will bubble a bit as the water evaporate, as soon as it looks like wet but watery anymore, stop warming up.
- leave the wet mix to dry completely.
- Once dry I simply add water again to see if it was now insoluble and it is, so simply filter the water (which can pick up the excess sodium carbonate) and save the solid (or scrape them).

(optionnal) - Now with freebase 5-MeO-DMT I prefer to do an enchanted leaves mix so I can dose accurately a few mg if I want, for this simply choose herbs to 5meo ratio.

- 400mg blue lilly and 500mg Mullein flower (for exemple, but you choose hwatever herbs suits you, until you stay safe) to 100mg 5-Meo Freebase mix together in IPA, stir often and left to evaporate, then scrape, let dry completely until no scent of IPA and put in a little jar (amber or colored glass with screw top is best), labelled !! so you don't smoke that enchanted leaves 5M thinking it's changa :shock:

You can vape this in your device of choice, a GVG works well, but heat up well with a torch lighter and enjoy :d
Finally.. I got my hands on some synthesised 5-MeO-DMT hcl which I freebased in guidance of this tek (thank you!). The attached picture shows the freebasing process of the last 2 days, just beautiful!

I am really excited and looking forward to experience what information 5-MeO is offering and maybe we become lovers as well. ;)

tseuq :love: :twisted:


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I took 75 mg of hcl, dissolved it in a tiny bit of water, added a tiny pinch of calcium hydroxide. Allowed this mix to dry under a fan. I then pulled the mixture with ethanol, decanted and filtered to remove any excess lime, and infused into 75 mg blue lotus flower.

I was not able to get much effect at all using the GVG, till I pulled off the cap and combusted the material, then ZANG!
The picture shows the final product, 40mg of fluffy fb after full evaporation, of the previous freebasing [50mg 5-meo-dmt hcl + 25mg sodium carbonate in destilled water] process.

My first experience of vaporized 5-meo fb brought "instant death", very direct and ecstatic.



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Hey tseuq,

Nice one for giving this tek a whirl and sharing your results along with testing the end product, I hadn't seen this till now and I appreciate the update as may need to do the conversion myself in the near future.

CatchThirtyThr33 said:
Made a thread about it recently, but would this fb conversion work for 5-meo oxalate as well?
Probably. Oxalate as an anion is in the same ballpark at chloride so you don't have to adjust the quantity of base, either.

EDIT: this is in need of a little clarification. The MW of oxalic acid is about 90, whereas HCl is 36.5. This is a significant difference, although it does still mean that the amount of base added to the 5-MeO-HCl would suffice - albeit in excess - for the same weight of 5-MeO oxalate; there are actually 2 possible types of 5-MeO oxalate: one with a 2:1 tryp to oxalate ratio, and - as appears to be the more usual case - a 1:1 oxalate. The 2:1 oxalate is effectively equivalent to having an acid component of MW 45, which is reasonably close to the MW 36.5 for HCl.

The 2:1 oxalate is rather closer to the 5-MeO HCl in proportion of tryp by weight but the 1:1 oxalate seems to be the more commonplace, so adjust your calculations of expected yield accordingly.
So Ive done this conversion tek, using 50mg 5-meo oxalate, and 25mg sodium carbonate and have ended up with 50mg of clean white powder (hopefully converted FB). I didn't do the second water wash, however. Is there supposed to be a weight loss during the conversion?

I mixed the fully dried powder in warm iso to enhance caapi leaf, though I noticed that it doesn't dissolve quite as easily as fb n,n-dmt. There remained a bit of undissolved powder no matter how much I stirred it. Even now as it's finishing drying onto the leaf, there's still some left over white powder residue.
Could this be left-over sodium carbonate, or a different behaviour due to the oxalate? Thanks for your help


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You will only get about 2/3 of the original 5-MeO-DMT oxalate's weight as freebase, so 1/3 of your recovered 50mg is impurities, probably sodium oxalate. Depending on your exact method of producing the freebase, you may have encapsulated each crystal in sodium oxalate which would explain the slow dissolving and the residue.

Dissolving the oxalate in one portion of water, and the sodium carbonate in another portion of water, should go a way towards circumventing this particular problem. This may entail using a further, non-aqueous solvent (ethanol?) to recover your 5-MeO if you don't want to smoke sodium oxalate along with it.

Dreamer042's method of using lime might apply particularly well to the oxalate (or thinking about it, may equally well mess things up) as calcium oxalate is pretty much totally insoluble in water, whereas sodium oxalate is slightly to moderately water soluble (3.7 g/100 mL @ 20 °C).
Thank you for your help, downwardsfromzero, much appreciated

Do you think the left over oxalate would dissolve into the leaf along with the 5-meo, or would it be generally safe to say that this left over powder is the sodium oxalate? I hoping this leaf is still usable, perhaps brushing as much of the left-over powder away.

What would you (or anyone else) figure would be the best way to salvage this?
If someone ever gives you 5meo and doesnt state whether it is freebase or HCL what should one do to find out? What is recommenced in this situation?

Also does 5meo have a similar smell to ordinary nn?
Well, HCL would be soluble in water while FB is not. if you can put a little sample to test with water ( and you retrieve the HCL in water so loss here ).
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