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How to make pharmahuasca hit reliably

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[I've even had a very smooth experience with mimosa and rue powder eaten in a sandwich with (top quality) hazelnut chocolate spread, but I'm very accustomed to rue.]
Yessss the quality hazelnut spread aya tek is coming ; )

@ Nolo, I think it feels there a lot of things to figure out but it’s not that complicated, just work slow and and low and up the dose over multiple trips to a comfortable level.
What do you mean? Use a translator and I'm not sure I understand your message well. It means that taking rue and then boiled mimosa, its effects are unpredictable, and even if you use the same mimosa and And the same amount, its potential effects may vary due to factors attributable to digestion? Thank you very much.
One more thing, I wonder if you're more scared of it not working, or of it working too well?
Both things, I want it to work, but the dose is comfortable for me, I want to be able to adjust the doses well to my comfort, and as I read that with 0.5g of mimosa root the trip can already be strong and that minimal7 grams of mimosa root per serving, hence why you are confused
It hits 10 to Oh, and if using pure DMT, 100 mg is too much for most people. 50-75 is advised. Even for me, it's pretty heavy. I am the kind of person who at minimum takes 5 grams of shrooms or 300 ug of LSD before feeling satisfied with how high I am. 5 grams of cubensis does not even remotely compare to 100 mg of DMT using this method. If you've done that kind of dose before WITHOUT the carbohydrate method - I strongly urge that you take my dosing advice in mind when using this method. You get the full force with this method. You've been advised.

I found your post really helpful. Wanted to clarify: is your dosing using fumarate, rather than freebase?
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Ok, I will take 1 g every hour, what are the effects of Syrian rue?
How long does its effect last on the body?
YI know they are powerful and you have to be careful.
I take 2g of syrian rue in capsules, and 30min after 1.5g of AC in capsules… if I do want more journey, when I feel that it is loosing potency, I then do (3 hours after) 1g SR + 1g AC…

No nausea…
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