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How to Substitute Lye with Sodium Carbonate?

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DMT Entity

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Could someone please tell me the name of a tek that uses sodium carbonate for basification instead of sodium hydroxide? Or could you tell me how to go about using sodium carbonate for basification in Marsofold's tek. Thanks.
Hi DMT Entity,

I assume you are talking about these directions (taken from Marsofold's)

Basification: Premix in advance a solution of: 4 Tablespoons (50grams) of Sodium Hydroxide ("Red Devil" lye) with 1-Pint of HOT Water. Stir well. Slowly add this solution to the wine jug, then cap the jug. Gently tilt the wine jug back and forth for 1 full minute to mix the contents.
In the case of sodium carbonate, one should not worry about dissolving it in a pint of water. Always hypothetically speaking, sodium carbonate can be added as it is (powder) in the acidic solution and the solution gently shaken to dissolve it. 20g to 60g per litre should be enough to basify the acidic solution. One may actually add more, but I would assume that dissolving 100g/litre is unnecessarily a lot and it does take some time to dissolve. As long as the acidic solution turns nice and black, then one is theoretically on the right tract.

Hope that helps!
Just beware of the fizz generated from the release of CO2 when sodium carbonate reacts with the acids. If you add too much too quickly it's like shaking a can of soda and lots of fizz will be generated and possibly overflow the container. It’s not dangerous, just messy.
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