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How to take off that yelow stinky Oil from my dryed Spice??

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Reality Gazer
SWIM finished his freeze precipitation with the Spice attached to the bottom of the bottle,
He take off the naphtha and left the opened bottle for residual naphtha evaporation...

Then, there were some yelowish accumulations among the rest of the dryed white Dmt.
Those accumulations were more hardly attached to the bottom, so He decided to dry a little more using a hairdryer, and this made those accumulations melt into that yelow sticky Oil...

So He couldnt get them out and He preferred to get just the clean Dmt off and Redissolve the oil using some hot naphtha, because this crap also stole some of his poor Dmt and he wants to freeze it again... But He doesnt know how to do a better cleaning :?

Please help Him cleaning good :cry:
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