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how to use animated gif icons for avatars

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Hey there,

just wondering if i could get some help / pointers re using an animated gif as an icon,
the upload says only jpg or png is allowed,
and yet there are some animated gif icons being used. :? [lucky them]

So i thought [if you don't mind] I'd see if anyone can give any pointers so i too can have a flashy animated icon/avatar.

any help appreciated
I think those select few had done it before you weren't able to.. and to be honest I'd much rather a page full of static avatars.
smokeydaze is right.

Animated avatars are banned since a while now. The lucky few still have them but will loose it if they change their avatar.

Kind regards,

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Talking about avatars, there´s no archive of them after all, clicking on the link ,Choose from our avatar archive´ or so...
I hate those animated avatars!!!!

They pull my eye away from the text & hurt my eyes.
Especially that one with Homer Simpson eating a Ribwich!! Funny, but how irritating!!
I usually skip his posts because I have to hold my hand up over his avatar so I can actually read!

So personally, I'm glad they are not an option anymore!!

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