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Hubby DMT experience from outsider....

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My hubby got DMT from different source this time and had from outsider it look extremely intense.

He inhale decent amount of DMT before he even blew DMT out he was out of here. Best way to describe what happened to his body was like exorist, his body flew back into the bed and his arms stretched out violently to his sides and his body was so tense. It looked someone or something was above him and ripping him open pulling his *soul? Out of his body.

He started to dry reach trying so hard to throw up was like something was trying to pull something out from his insides. His eyes rolled backed into his head I started to freak I thought shit his going to OD. I grabbed a towel put it over his body I tilted his head so he was less likely to choke on chuck but luckey he had not eaten for a while prior so nothinf came up. After few minutes I decided to try get him to come back to reality I waited few minutes because I have read that if you touch someone it can affect the trip. I called his name, i pushed into his body and shaked him but he didn't even notice I was even there.

He than jerked up looked at me and fell to the side, his eyes started rolling back again and salvia started coming down his mouth and his body was slowly tossing turning back and forth. This time I slapped his face hard but it didnt even make him blink.

Finally came through well I thought he did and he was saying over and over what is real nothing is real. He was super horny and this is strange part he wanted to get naughty but he couldn't even stand and we started being naughty than suddenly he came to look at me and said what the fk going on what are you doing ??? Like what the ??? I thought he was out of the trip when he got up but I was wrong.

He goes I saw God and God took me on amazing journey to some many different places telling me everything is going to be okay. I was being naughty with you in DMT land.. Has this ever happened to anyone before??? His trip lasted 20minutes or more
That all sounds pretty normal. Overdosing on DMT is not really an issue. As far as I know, there have not been any reported cases of this. LD50 is unknown for humans, but for mice it is 110mg/kg which would equate to 8-10 grams for most people. I think it would be near impossible to vaporize/inhale that much DMT. I think the person attempting this would black out long before getting anywhere close. It may be possible with pharmahuasca, but even in pure form it would be a mountain of DMT requiring about 80 gel caps or about two gallons of very bitter water fully saturated.
This is pretty common for very high dose DMT and it can certainly be alarming from a 3rd party perspective to see people react this way. It sounds to me like he pushed the dose higher than necessary, it also sounds like he may have pyrolized the material, that would account for the retching, burnt DMT is nasty stuff.

Tell him to be sure and carefully weigh his dose next time, 40-50 mg should be moar than enough for most people in most situations. Also to use some finesse with the fire, the idea is to vaporize it, burning as little as possible

Thanks for sharing your report, not a lot of people share the outsider perspective on it here and it's good reminder that people on DMT can do rather disconcerting things. No need to worry though, as pointed about above, the molecule is quite physiologically safe.
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