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Migrated topic.


Sys.WebForms.PageRequestManagerParserErrorException: The message received from the server could not be parsed. Common causes for this error are when the response is modified by calls to Response.Write(), response filters, HttpModules, or server trace is enabled.

Details: Error parsing near 'nPRQHAT6BuKFIDyMkELR'.

It said that when I opened the forums main index tonight...

server trace is enabled.


What does that mean?!
Server tracing is used to trace debug information in asp.net. The warning you saw isn't about server tracing since thats disabled on this website.

What did cause this error I'm not sure about. Can you remember what you did until you got this message?
Ok right after I click out of the "Private Messages" page and into the main index that message pops up.
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