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Human bodies constructing Earth's garden

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Hey guys. I was thinking of this idea, that we need to spread plant consciousness in the planet. It's a tough mission, but is required. Psychoactive plants, non psychoactive as well. Guerilla gardening, technology incorporated gardening, any gardening that is not in your own garden, but rather mutual.

Slight genetic modifications could help with the acclimatization, to speed up the process so to say. I wonder not only biochemical genetic configurations, but biophysics science could help out a lot as well.

Spirituality, rituals etcetera must be incorporated as well, as it would lose all of its value if not.

So guys, let's make it happen all together. (any input you have on your mind would be great)
Im unsure what exactly you mean..

Seems you are talking about growing things, but isn't that pretty much what we are already doing? Many of us have ethnobotanicals growing, veggie gardens, some do guerilla weed grow ,some participate in community gardens. Or is this something different?

Can you please detail:

Objectives (why are you doing this and what are you trying to accomplish)
Expected Participants (number, profile of people involved)
Methodology (I suppose you are trying to promote growing plants, but which plants, just any? Whats the criteria here?)
Duration (is this a permanent thing or something that has a specific duration?)
indicators (how do you know if the plan is working or not?)

Hopefully that helps grounding the plan a little bit :)
Macre said:
Do you mean introduce psychedelic plants to the wild where they are usually not native, to make them widespread?



I can already see it. Government commissions to weed out all unwanted psychedelic trees and shrubs growing in the native area. :shock: :roll:
Yes Macre. I was really inspired by Terrence Mckenna works and vision. A predacious desire for explorations. And overall, world full of wonder, rather than dullness. He was really a glory for new approaches, known as technoshamanism. Really the best technoshaman so far?

So I kind of done some of my spiritual workings about his life, and seen a really beautiful vision. In my eyes, each one of us can do something physical for our world, that would uplift our spirits. Plant a beautiful patch of flowers in your city, or dress up as a child. Do it for ourselves, but do it for our spirituality as well.

And of course science. What is in the book, can be soon transferred to reality. But if we do not work hand to hand, we may never do it. Human struggle is not beneficial for not only human ecosystem, but planet as well. One is not really happy with his life, while another is dying because of rotten government.

So by helping each other and one another, somehow removing the obstacles of negativity or irritability, not ignoring them and not letting them grow though, we will be doing good for our own body, and planet as well.

Wars transformed into industry, industry made friendly for Earth's ecosystem. And a full synergy of humanity and nature.

And finally freedom for developing minds, anywhere on the world, to reach its peaks, rather than be conquered down by poverty and lack of resources.

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