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Hyperspace for 4 days in a row and pure joy to end it

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It has been almost 7 years since traveling back through hyperspace. It feels like a brand new experience. I've completed 2 out of 4 pulls. I've currently been experimenting with 25-40mg. So far, i've had probably 8-9 overall experiences in the last 4 days.

The 1st day began with mild visuals of Ganesh's face rotating with lotus petals overlaying its face. Followed by Buddha and light radiating from his body. This ended with me observing a wall in which seemingly tentacle-like patterns flashed and moved against a patterned wall.

I also went outside under the moon in the 2nd night and had a solid black, medusa-ish figure form from dark energy out of space. She stood over me while intense vibrations took hold. Shortly after, 2 unidentifiable entities moved over me back and forth with a strange object scanning me. I opened my eyes to see a palm tree on fire followed by an intermittent flash of what seemed to be yellow owl eyes. I went again 15 mins later and encountered my 1st jester who formed out of an infinite, shape shifting room. He morphed out of a pattern with a grin on his face and began shape shifting as i rotated in 360 degrees watching him. The room was the same room from the 1st night where i saw the tentacle patterns.

The 3rd night was outside again and the worst of my life. I put on some egyptian meditation music that i really liked, but did have a dark vibe. I hit 40mg compared to the 25-30mg from the other trips mentioned. I immediately saw an entity spiraling above me. I had a very bad vibe and the music was feeding it. It took me to a dark room which felt hopeless and i began seeing tools which seemed used for embalming. I felt total disconnect from my body and felt like i'd never return. I quickly opened my eyes and saw reality become 4 dimensional with palm trees looking at me. Everything was dark with strange colors outlining every object. I realized how slow time had become as i heard the music speed up tremendously as i reached to turn it off. I laid back down and let the trip wear off. I laid there frightened, but persistent on not letting the experience keep me from the journey. I waited 10 mins and hit another low 20mg. It was very short lived, but seemed to be a humanoid character similar to the Alex Grey Painting of the man with the golden halo around his head and lightning emanating from it. He seemed to be doing something to me in an attempt to heal me from the previous experience. I could feel the cool breeze blowing across me and the whole thing was very soothing.

The 4th night, i was hesitant to go heavy. I went with 2x 25mg sessions, but nothing special. My fiance warriored me into 40mg again. I did and holy shit was it beautiful. I Tunneled into a room which was red, blue and gold mostly. I sat around a table with 7-8 clowns and jesters as everything we experienced flowed in and out of a seemingly magical box on the table. Some of them were children and some adults. I looked down to see that i too had legs of a clown or jester. We all laughed and giggled and were astonished at this box which seemed to cycle in and out the whole experience. Pure joy and laughter. The most beautiful moment i've ever had in memory. After coming out, my fiance said she has never seen me smile and laugh so much and with such joy and emotion. The visuals were just magnificent. Before i came back, i remember zooming in towards the box, but it was just way too complex and intricate to understand what it was doing. All i know is it inspired pure happiness. I stopped after that and took that trip to bed with me. That was last night and i'm finding it hard not to go back for a 5th days straight. Sorry for any typos. I'm on my phone.
wow that sounds interesting!

one advise though, when i vaporized dmt for 10 days straigth with multiple trips per day, the substance stoped working on me. i now seem to have a pseudo allergy (that is, an intolerance reaction without the involvement of the immune system). my body gets rid of the substance within less then a minute now.
i still can trip sometimes, but i have to take long breaks (like a month) in between, and so far oral dmt did not work at all for me.

i know dmt is an almost impossible challange to wisdom and reason. there is so much to see, so much promise for teachings. just remember, you can learn all this in time. take care not to spoil it for you.

as for typos, i dont even notice them when im in the flow of reading (or writing) a text.
but try to use some format in your text. a wall of text without breaks is very had to read.
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