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[Hyperspace Lexicon] The carrier wave

I once heard it on a heavy dose of cyanescenes...to the point where I even began to see it...
I was peaking hard while walking through the woods along a beach with 3 other people on our way to our camp spot, and was having insane visuals of these geometic symbols..they were comming out the forest right at me, hitting me and I was remember things and having revelations(prob one of my 2 strongest psiolo trips ever)..I began to hear a noise that was EXACTLY the same as a bees buzzing, but LOTS of them. I though I had walked into a bee hive!!

I started thrashing around and yelling, trying to get the bees off as the noise got louder and all I could see in the darkness was a glowing honeycomb grid..it was vibrating at the same rate as the carrier wave noise..all this lasted only like 10 -15 seconds, and then I came back down to where I was moments before. My freinds were really confused until I tried to explain it to them..they ate only about half what I did and were still gone so they were reaally good mushrooms. Never happened again.. I heard the sound but never the way I did that day!..it really really scared me!

WIth spice I get it, but its more like a rapid and precise fractilisation of reality, everything vibrates so fast that it makes this hum, but it's a periferal things most of the time..I cant really explain it that well..I think I can feel the sound as well, and it seems to carry me over..the sound also forms the crysanthemum thing, like as if the sound is the chrysanthemum when I am out of phase with it..but when I arrive, or come into full focus its all really clear..
My experiences have been pretty limited with no breakthroughs, but at high sub-breakthrough doses I've definitely heard it (if indeed that's the sound everyone is talking about). I don't liken it to tinnitus though - my dad has tinnitus pretty severely, and I occasionally get it when I've been clenching my jaw at times. The sound I get from that is a constant, low-volume high pitch ringing. With DMT the sound is loud, variable and sort of digital, switching back and forth between two distinct tones, seemingly at random. It sort of sounds like "eeeeeeeeeeooooo eeoooooo eeeeeeeeeeoooo eeeeeeoooooooo eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeoooooo"

For me, the carrier wave is a hallmark feature of a true, deep breakthrough, in particular the ones that take me to the mystical places, the places that truly seem beyond life, beyond death, timeless.

The carrier wave presents itself to me while I am still vaporizing. I know that I'm in for it when I start to hear the carrier wave.

It has presented as a strong tinnitus and also as a siren-type of sound, warbling up and down, but high pitched the entire time.

For me, the carrier wave is inherently synaesthetic. I can hear it and I can see it (as one or more lines). I can feel it intensely vibrating. It contains tremendous levels of information, the least of which appears to be all of human history.

I could write a lot more but this seems to be the bare essense of the carrier wave as I experience it.

Peace & Love,
It sort of sounds like "eeeeeeeeeeooooo eeoooooo eeeeeeeeeeoooo eeeeeeoooooooo eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeoooooo"

Exactly! That's what I get all the time. It's a slowly vibrating tone, sometimes it sounds electric, sometimes it kinda "warbles" (hard to explain).

I've always thought it's the machine elves singing to me :)
The noises I hear are the operational noises of myself.
I can hear details about myself (all 5 bodies) within the symphony.

I've learned to navigate the tones for certain purposes (like focusing on healing, I can sense which areas need what kind of work, or exploration...which I use the sounds as a launch pad of sorts.)

Hard to explain....wow....
HyperQuill / dread -
It sort of sounds like "eeeeeeeeeeooooo eeoooooo eeeeeeeeeeoooo eeeeeeoooooooo eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeoooooo"

Exactly! That's what I get all the time. It's a slowly vibrating tone, sometimes it sounds electric, sometimes it kinda "warbles" (hard to explain).

Yeh- me too- exactly like that.

۩ -
The noises I hear are the operational noises of myself.
I can hear details about myself (all 5 bodies) within the symphony.

I've learned to navigate the tones for certain purposes (like focusing on healing, I can sense which areas need what kind of work, or exploration...which I use the sounds as a launch pad of sorts.)

That sounds cool. The closest I've come to this was during a prolonged and euphoric afterglow where I could enhance and focus the experience by 'tuning in' to the signal (I only get the one). Awareness seemed able to 'ride' this wave- so difficult to explain, almost like the sensation of floating upon a breeze of connectedness and euphoria without actually physically moving anywhere.

The carrier wave, for me, can be heard coming from a distance at sub-breakthrough low doses and closer to home/within my head at sub-breakthrough higher doses. At breakthrough there are any number of auditory occurrences- usually loaded with unfathomable meaning but no discernable carrier wave as such.
When I get it I get the odd feeling that im like a radio tower just broadcasting this frequency. Some how linking up with some main node or something. There was a very strong sense of my mind broadcasting this frequency. It was a high pitched tone with almost like a morse code fax machine beeping over it. It was one of the first things i noticed entering hyperspace, having heard the whole McKenna speech a thousand times. It was distinctly different than how he described but definately what he was going for.
I also hear this carrier wave. Its usually on the first really large hit and i can feel the vibration all throughout my body. Perhaps the only reason you actually hear the noise is because of your eardrums vibrating as well.

It always very intense and by the time it concludes, im no longer around ^__^
۩ said:
I recently discovered that the music I hear during parts of the journey are the operating noises of myself. It's hard to explain, but my body was represented as music. And where there needed work, I could hear a dissonance, or it was a bit out of tune, and I could feel the entire harmonics of my existence. I was able to move my body and change the music...it was like conducting. I think I am learning how to heal myself through this strange music that is myself. I am learning to navigate it, manipulate it, listen + understand it and it's sources....and how they interact with the flowing river of hyperspace.....!!!!!!!!!

I like the way you state it here. I've had the same sensations that the auditory hallucinations are like the "operating noises of myself." It almost feels like I focus in on brainwave frequencies not normally perceived in conscious reality. This is a really interesting subject for me, I will further explore the depths of this mystery and try to draw conclusions. :d
I can alway's hear the carrier wave...so can my wife. It's faint, but I meditate on it regularly.

The sound a pitch of it changes with mood sometimes. Yoga philosophy say's the different pitches are the different vibrations of earch chakra.

When I hit DMT I can observe the sound the entire time as it grows louder and louder and louder.

During hard trips the sound (my and my wife call it "our sound")...so during hard trips I focus on my sound and that gives my comfort. It also leads to the mystical white light.

It believe this is OM. If you hear it focus your entire attention on it! in Hinduism it is said that OM is the source of everything. The cosmic vibration.
Am I the only one to whom it sounds like the sirens from the horror game Silent Hill ?
Coincidentally, I was listening to the Silent Hill 2 soundtrack the first time I vaped. Maybe thats what caused the subsequent mental association.

Luckily my bowels don't turn to liquidy - ice anymore when I hear the carrier signal (well, not for too long). I actually like it now. The classic herald of reality shift.

In the game too, the sirens are an announcment of reality shift, and then the walls start bleeding and architecture starts warping. So its fitting I suppose. Apart from the terror.
Ah, so SWIM isn't alone on this...

On SWIM's first mushrooms experience (4.5 grams of cubensis) SWIM experienced this "Carrier Wave" for the first time. SWIM was scared shitless when the first wave hit and thought the universe was collapsing on itself.... but that was only the first wave... and the ones following were a LOT stronger.

At first SWIM thought it was a spike in blood pressure... but it didn't sound the same. It sounded like an Boeing 747 landing right next to my ear.... but not as high pitched of a squeal... almost (in retropect) like the sound Om.... and yet while it was incredibly loud, it didn't feel threatening (scared shitless only because SWIM wasn't prepared).

As a side-note: This "Carrier Wave" was also accompanied by a wave of "electricity" running from the base of SWIM's spine to the crown of their head, in sync with each "carrier wave".

ok, I am curious why I have never experienced it.

I have heard music, really really really strange music, but not the carrier wave...

I heard bells and beeps, whistles and twinkling odd noises, all indescribable but no baseline noise

What is the deal with that?
I wouldn't say the noise is baseline, as in present throughout the trip. When you're stilling holding in a breath of DMT, everything starts getting very intense very quickly, including sense of sound. That rise in auditory intensity is what we are referring to as "the carrier wave". I'm sure it sounds different for everybody, and I wouldn't be shocked if some people didn't hear it at all. I would be curious how a blind or deaf person experiences DMT, however.
I have experienced this a few time on 25C-NBOMe a few times, but unlike when on a tryptamine, I had complete control over it. I could speed it up or slow it down, change the pitch, and even give it a musical rhythm.
I have tinnitus and it synergises with the carrier wave and then once peaking jt becomes exotic digital noises way outside of normal hearing.
Anyway, the point is tinnitus is suspected to be the brain making up the sound due to one of the inner ear nerve hairs being overstimulated such as from prolonged loud music.
DMT stimulates vast portions of the brain and body so its suggestable that the carrier wave is due to overstimulation of the nerves in the inner ear. Not to try and debunk any idea its a dimensional frequency shift it could be the side effect of the brain on overdrive dialling into another dimension.
Personally I think we do tune into other non material dimensions. The one first encountered on the ladder is the plantlife one in my experience.
The visual field usually of undulating dancing impossible shapes and ribbons like as if watching a multi-coloured jungle grow in fast forward, this is the only recognisable dimension in regards to behaviour other than those weird glimpses of human-alien hybrid realities you can get. Hybrid families sitting eating dinner like normal people but among obsure alien technology.
I first experienced the full-bloom of the Carrier Wave, back in 1978, under the influence of LSD. I remember stating out loud to my friends, "what's that sound?" They looked at each other as if I were quite mad... and then someone said, "you're just tripping." Well, later that evening I became so absorbed in the vibration, it was quite overwhelming. This oscillating sonic frequency is prevalent whenever I experience psychedelics, or even when I get high on cannabis. I liken it to catching a buzz, which I feel and hear simultaneously. The same goes for the practice of sitting meditation. In fact, a day rarely goes by that I don't hear it's enigmatic call, deep within the core of my mind, without any use of psychedelics.

Many schools of Indian mysticism focus upon this phenomenon, like Kriya Yoga and Surat Shabd Yoga. I'm on board with joedirt, I believe that it is sound of AUM or OM. There are definitive yogic methods of meditation to attune to the variances of this sound. The Sufis also place immense significance on the auditory Sound Current/Carrier Wave. It is the voice of Allah, the Supreme frequency of the Unified Field of Being.

Essentially, it's the sound issuing forth from nothingness, the very Word of the Sacred One. They refer to it as the sound of HU. But human linguistics cannot exactly encapsulate the wide ranges of tonal shifts and alternate pitches within the Carrier Wave, so no specific human word will suffice.

NN-DMT and psilocybin REALLY bring this frequency of the Sound Current to the forefront of my concentration, and it's intensity often shatters my ego-fixation and allows fore a deep shift in conscious-awareness. so, I wholly agree, that it is both a direct catalyst and an effect of one's mind expanding beyond the modality of the ordinary biological context of self awareness. I feel that it is of the most vital importance to follow the sonic frequency of the Carrier Wave to it's most sublime level and in so doing, loose oneself in the concentric rings of it's oscillating pitch.

When I have the remembrance of these peak experiences, I recall going into the fulcrum of this vibrating tone. Deep, deep, deep within the epicenter of this tone is a depth of vibrationless silence so vast and startlingly profound, it stops the mind from being able to think or even cognize data from an individual reference point. Subjectivity is seemingly erased for the duration of the eclipsing, and one enters into what has been called, "a whiteout experience" (Yogic Science names this state of conscious-awareness, Samadhi).

In other words, the Carrier Wave or Sound Current, draws the attention of the observer into the perceptual field of Divine radiance... or the Clear Light of the Void. Further absorption facilitates a direct perception of the source of all existential being, the Godhead. This is the point of zero, whence all membranes and divisions of being originate. For the friction issued forth from the source and central point within the vibratory field of The Grid, ignites the miracle of light.

What I find the most fascinating about this phenomenon, is that while the sonic and visual aspects emanating energy issuing from the mysterious no-thing, which initiates quantum fluctuation and through it's ineffable expression, flows the creation of all dimensional life forces (energy being consciousness in motion, after all)... thus, the web of reality is spun by these tremendously cosmic forces.

For my own journey of awakening, attunement to this high resonance, is key to my sadhana. I have found that by allowing the Carrier Wave to lift my awareness beyond the fracturing of duality, I am drawn beyond myself into a calm, silent emptiness. An infinite quietness of sorts... within the vortex of the oscillating sonic tone. This opens the gate, so to speak, to a realm void of subjectively noticeable features or aspects of experiential differentiation. Not akin to comatose or deep sleep states, rather, a point of conscious-awareness that exists in a still, unmoving vacuum.

This is what I imagine the Buddha was pointing towards, a realm beyond/within the dichotomy that has no distinction from everything else... and I feel that our "normal" existence is surely a dream we each have, as separate parts of the whole of the Unified Field of Being (The Grid). And curiously enough, without quantifiable differentiation... awareness still survives in it's purest quintessence.

Of course, it has no spoken name, substance or form and cannot be described in human terms, for unless we exist apart from this still, silence epicenter, we do not hold onto individuality or any membrane of self.

In synopsis, I believe that the Carrier Wave serves to lift our attention to a very high frequency of universal (Omniversal) understanding. Our very intention becomes absorbed into it's hypnotic oscillation and we melt into it's eternal buzzing/humming tone. This in and of itself, leads the soul to that state of being underneath all of the phenomenal expression, towards that point from which everything recognizable or unrecognizable emanates.

from my vantage point, it is the Sacred core underlying all existential expansion of Divine Mind. It manifests expression out of nothingness or the infinite, unmanifest potentiality Brahman, to initiate the pulse of life as we understand it, as observers and active participants.

OM, AUM, Amen, Amin... the same word. The Hindu cosmology places extreme importance of the zero-point (or the dot) above the written symbol of the Sanskrit character of OM. The "dot" above the OM/AUM symbol is called the Bindu. The Bindu exists both within all of this vast fabric of reality as we know and experience it... and also quite freely without form, division or substance.

I believe that it's perceivable, manifested shadow, is the I AM principle in action, as it is born in each of us as our very conscious-awareness. Yet, in it's raw and indivisible state, is is unbound and Absolute. this is perhaps why the Buddha stressed that beyond the confines of the Atman (the human soul), exists Anatman or undifferentiated conscious-awareness. What I like to call, "God" (even though such a term is antiquated and controversial to discuss). 8)

"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God."
I hear a sort of low bitrate pitch of compressed white noise. It arrives as the effects come on and then it changes into a weird sort of chatter. The pitch of the noise varies depending on the sort of spice i am smoking and how much i am doing aswell. Only appears on 20mg plus as far as i remember. I had a really high pitched one the other day when i accidentally doubled my dose. Is this the carrier wave?
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