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Hyperspace Meditation Techniques

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Dr Do Little
Hello Fellow free thinkers and psycho-spiritual explorers.

This is a discussion I have not really seen on the Nexus yet, but one that holds great interest for me as I am sure it does for many of you. Who would not want to potentiate and morph their spiritual journeys within to the maximum degree possible?

Maybe first off people would ask themselves, what can i get from hyperspace meditation?
Here are some of my thoughts, I would like to hear yours as contribution to the discussion.
1. Assuming meditation poses and relaxing the mind prior to hyperspace journeys puts you in a more receptive state for the vast amount of information you will be shown in the coming minutes.
2. Discovering new meditation poses and their effects isn't only fun, but spiritually fulfilling once you become receptive to the vibrational-state information of the pose/movement/sound.
3.It works with the body during the hyperspace journey to form a balanced well-rounded experience where the body and the mind both feel loved equally.

Ok now that we have dealt with some of my philosophy behind Hyperspace Meditation, we shall now continue to the specifix :D
First for some basic tex:

The word pneumatic is related to air, but the word has some interesting origins in the spiritual realms.
"Pneuma (ancient medicine), the circulating air that is necessary for the systemic functioning of vital organs, according to various medical writers of antiquity."
"The pneumatics ("spiritual", from Greek πνεῦμα, "spirit") were, in gnosticism, the highest order of humans, the other two orders being psychics and hylics. The pneumatic saw himself as escaping the doom of the material world via the secret knowledge. Outsiders could only know these secrets by joining a gnostic group. To be a gnostic is to believe in three planes of existence: the pure unknown (demiurge), the material world of coitus and comfort, and the pure spiritual realm of ascension or escape."

Breathing exercises can be profoundly potentiating for the psychedelic experience, whether it be with or without the spice of life :)
While doing hyperspace breathing meditation, I like to have a few moments to collect ur thoughts, and then trying to let them go, by focusing on something else (eg. Yantra or Breathing)
From my experience, the rate and style of breathing can profoundly alter the experience, kind of like altering the frequency the CNS or body energy/chi vibrates at.

Here are some variations that have been tried:
Before having the spice hit, sit in ur lotus position or however you are most comfortable.

1.Deep breath through the nose (feel chest and belly expand with air), hold 4 seconds (feel the oxygen refreshing your brain), breath out, exhailing out through the mouth/nose for a count of four, wait 4 seconds before inhaling again..... and repeat.

2.Breath in deep, and as soon as the lungs are filled (dont strain too much), breath out, as soon as the lungs are empty (again, dons strain too much), breath in. Try to achieve and imagine a sine curve in your mind, In, and out, with only a moment on the apex of the curve. This rhythmic breathing has been deeply potentiating for me personally, I think the combination of wave patterns and excess oxygen is part of the reason, but the main thing is that it works :D

3.Usually after a changa hit, this is a breathing technique which calls upon spirits or different realities you may or may not have been exposed to yet. Try once your mind is clear on the spice, to breath short breaths, sort of like when you are trying to hyperventilate. InOutInOutInOut,etc. Try playing with the speed/frequency until you hit that vibrational state that is right for you. for me I like to use half-second breaths for this one, im sure everyone is different though.

4.Im sure there are many many more breathing techniques, do some research on what has been used in Buddhist and other meditations to see what works for you.

Hyper-Crystal Power:
This will just be brief description of crystal energies, and how they can be used for various reasons in hyperspace.

I've heard from long-term meditationists who are right into crystal technology that its not important to focus on getting a really big pure crystal, try rather walking into a shop in a positive/altered/good state of mind and allowing the crystal to choose you.
Different crystals have different vibrational energies, but it is also possible to impose energy onto a crystal over time. Some will find that if you have a cloudy crystal and use it on your chakra-zones during hyperspace meditation or normal meditation, it will become clearer over time.
Crystals can be used for:
1.Altering your vibrational state to be more receptive to hyperdimensional realities.
2.Protection in hyperspace from menacing entities, if your will is not strong enough to fight them off alone, its a good technique to place three crystals in a triangle around your meditation zone. (works for me, i have never had a negative experience in hyperspace)
3.To increase love or other mental focuses during meditation states.

Hyperspace Yantra-Mantra Meditation:
This is also another obvious and simple meditation technique, where sound a vision is used to focus the mind on your intention or on your trip. Just find a comfortable space to sit or lay while listening to meditation/trance music.
For biaural beats, its most effective to use a good set of headphones.
Following I'll post some videos which I have found to be effective.(This is different for everyone, experimentation will reveal what works best for you.
Om Shri Sainathay Namah Shailendra Bharati Sacred Morning Chants Sai Baba
Shirdi Sai Baba Mantra - Om Shri Sainathaya Namaha
Biaural beats - Astral Travel Meditation
Beautiful yantra - 1
Buddah yantra

Using the Sri Yantra is really cool fullscreen on a TV screen if its at head height.

Here are a bunch of pictures of it. Sri Yantra Pix
The Sri Yantra is good for maintaining focus of the mind, stopping it from wandering during meditation. On DMT the experience can come out of the yantra itself, very interesting to play with other types of sacred geometry too, like the flower of life or other modern ones which will blow your mind. Try using google images.

Get the large version of The Sunflower, for some interesting hyper-dimensional travel.

Dark Room Meditation:
Probably the most common and obvious form of hyperspace meditation is Dark Room meditation, one can perform these without any psychedelics whatsoever. There are certain dark room meditation lodges where you pay a certain amount of money to stay in a dark room for over a week, sometimes 2 weeks or more, with food and drink being brought to you in the dark.
They say that without psychedelic potentiation, the visual aspects of the dream-states begins within 3-4 days.
However with psychedelics there can be some unbelievable low-dose breakthroughs.

The Balance of Central Gravity:

This idea occurred to me on a hyperspace journey and has served me very well in many ways since then.
I bought myself and ego-gym aka balance trainer a while ago, I find that after a few hours of practice one can then find your ultimate zero point during the hyperspace journey, I find it launches you even deeper into the experience. You can assume this position standing or sitting cross-legged.
With trance music at the same time its even more intense, i find spirit energies sometimes get a hold of my body and communicate through different parts of my body.
There are many variations of this thing, but the idea is that balance can play a very interesting role in hyperspace meditation, even try standing on one leg while hitting the GVG and see what happens try to find your dead centre of gravity.

The Head Stand & Variations:
Warning: not for people with high blood pressure or obesity problems.
If you are not confident enough to stand on ur head during a hyperspace journey, one can try using a backwall as support, plan out what you want to do first and then do it that way. You will be fine.
Personally i find using the bed is best, Laying sideways on a bed with your head hanging down backwards to the floor allows one to easily assume an upside down perspective during the hyperspace event. It launches you much deeper into the space and plays with your perception of up and down and brings many teachings with it.

A variation of this is simply kneeling down and placing ur forehead on the ground, kinda like muslims do, this connects you closer to the Gia energy and can show you many wisdoms. I find it helps to chant your core pitch at the same time.
To find your core pitch just start singing a solid low tone and then bring it up and up till you find the place you feel most comfortable.

Cyberspace Meditation: Hack your brain

Similar to the idea of biaural beats, there are also computerised Light & Sound strobe machines, which can alter your brainwave function. Some of these are pretty simple and cheap, you can even make one over a weekend.
Here is more info
The use of these machines theoretically can potentate your trips or make them resonate at a desirable frequency, who knows what the possibilities are.

:!: WARNING: This can be a very intense, powerful and frightful experience, this is only for very experienced psychonauts/shamans/hyperspace explorers who are completely comfortable with themselves, and death. DO NOT TRY THIS OTHERWISE.
This form of meditation is for the exploration of the afterlife. Its for calling upon dark or ancestral spirit energies.
It involves taking a meditative pose with a dead totem, like a human skull for example. (It does not have to be a real human skull, but it needs to resemble or represent one).
To be continued...picture coming soon.

This is all i have for now,
peace and blessings.
Do you know of any specific mantras that work well?
A variation of that could be just having a hyperspace shower in the dark and then singing in the shower, like trying to chant a solid tone, u get nice acoustics in the shower. Its trippy as.
They resonate at specific frequencies, different frequencies work on one of the 7 chakras. My bowl works on your throat chakra and i am thinking of starting a collection, getting one for each chakra. These bowls are great for guidance in altered states, and you can acquire real antique bowls on ebay for reasonable prices.

Oh just saw your thing on mantras, my mantra is ema (e-mah) and it has always served me well.
D_Juggz said:
Do you know of any specific mantras that work well?
A variation of that could be just having a hyperspace shower in the dark and then singing in the shower, like trying to chant a solid tone, u get nice acoustics in the shower. Its trippy as.

Om Namah Shivaya - I bow to you Shiva, my true self (roughly)

Om mani padme hum - the jewel in the heart of the lotus

I recently had a wonderful DMT experience where my mantram was reverberating thoughout the entire journey. I felt like I just barely caught a glimpse of the Atman, the inner self.

It helps to use it frequently, I must say (in my mind or aloud) "Om Namah Shivaya" 300x a day, every day.
"Om mani padme hum - the jewel in the heart of the lotus"

I have a friend that lives in India and speaks the language fluently, he told me that it actaully translates to "oh jeweled lotus"..I have always wondered though if thats correct.

Dark rooms seem cool, Il be doing that soon most likely.
Breath is also very important when meditating.

I have read a few different techniques, but what i have found that works well for me is to breathe in through my nose for a slow steady count of four, filling my belly then up to my chest. Then holding it in for a count of four. Followed by of corse, exhailing out through the nose for a count of four, and waiting for a count of four before inhailing again..... and repeat.

Crystals can also play a role in meditating or journeying (not for all, but it may help some people). I've been reading up and trying different techniques with them as well (still a lot of work to be done), and i feel im making progress thru the meditation.

I've come to find that it was hard to get the ball rolling. But now that i've started to discipline myself and actually put the time in, to sit down and meditate, i've noticed a bit more of a stillness. More focous. I was just passive about it before, and i wish i didn't put it off for so long. I think it is a main pilliar on the spiritual foundation. I can't imagine the levels of consciousness that the meditative masters must have reached over decades of practice.

If any one recomends any other breathing techniques that work well for them, i'd be interested to hear.

Thanks D_Juggz for the post:)
that's POWerful breathing, Soulshine!
You do that long enough, you'll lose the pharmaceuticals faster than you can say "Big Bang".
Hell yes soulshine, i'm going to add that in if you dont mind.
I use crystals and breathing too, i just never considdered them hyperspace techniques before, ofcourse they are! thanks for that! (hope you dont mind if I add some of my own variations).

Yeah, D_Juggz im glad you expanded the content in the thread. As you said in the opening - "This is a discussion I have not really seen on the Nexus yet, but one that holds great interest for me as im sure it does for many of you."- I'm sure you're right. I've seen in so many posts the importance of meditation, and what great things it has done for people. Yet they don't go into detail about how they got to the point, where they now are. Some techniques come naturally to some, and just don't seem so obvious to others.

Meditation is a personal experiance, so it can be hard to recomend techniques to others. But it helps to discuss the topic...

I think it would be beneficial for many people to hear, discuss, and try new techniques. I realize "Methods of Exploring Conscious" has meditation on its list already, but is it possible to put a sticky on this thread? Or maybe give it, it's own category or something along those lines. Just a thought, if not then i understand. I figured i'd put it out there:roll: :)

And camdemonium, i just recieved my singing bowls in the mail the other day:d they are beautiful. I'm still getting use to using them. I've seen quite a few videos of people playing, and im starting to get a feel for it. They are gentle viberant tones that sustain for quite a while. Very pleasant.
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