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Hypnotic or trance inducing drugs?

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Me being a non-native english speaker somehow thought that a Hypnotic drug had something to do with hypnosis and perhaps also trance states. I later learned that Hypnotic drugs are another way to say Sleeping pills.

I'm not so interested in sleeping pills but more to hear about knowledge and / or experiences of trance inducing substances. I understand that trance is a quite wide term. I mean the ability to loose yourself and to up/into something completely, a kind of narrow focus but without force.

... hmmm, might be meditation when I think of it :)

But anyhow. I'm curious on your thoughts about this!
I find the combination of harmalas and cannabis to be very trance inducing. My one time doing 2-CB made me feel like it was also trance inducing, but I didn't get to explore that much. I plan on doing so soon.

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Voidmatrix said:
I find the combination of harmalas and cannabis to be very trance inducing. My one time doing 2-CB made me feel like it was also trance inducing, but I didn't get to explore that much. I plan on doing so soon.

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Yes this combo, rue + cannabis, was partly why i wrote this post :) I also find it somehow in it's own class of effects. Trance inducing is perhaps one.

dragonrider said:
I would say MDMA, MDA, 6-APB, etc. Or khat.

I've not had any experiences with those yet. Will try to find more info on that part of them.
There's many types of trance, different way to get there...
I find that LSD is extremely effective if combined with the right activity - it can be drumming ( a repetitive beat is all you need) , dancing , making repetitive sound, breathing in rhythm... or you can integrate all of this in an elegant way while dancing on Goa Trance (its made for it...). Spinning is fast and radical too.
With these activities, nearly any psychdelic works great ; each substance has its own dynamic for me, some invite more to enter in trance through dancing (LSD), other through drumming (mushrooms), chanting (cactus), toning (DMT), meditation (harmalas), sex (cannabis) ...
I personally like the combination of LSD and MDA for this sort of mental aesthetic,
and perhaps with a repetition of the sun salutation, a little psych rock... hahah, I don't know, but good luck with that!

Great! This makes me want to explore movement and body more while under the influence.
Nice song! I haven't listened to psych rock much while on psychedelics actually. But I like it. So will try.

I agree there many kinds of trance. I get closes to one kind when I'm dancing. Especially if being high on cannabis. Many others I find it hard to even get close to.
Why I'm asking is that I'm curious and thinking that I might get a feeling for it, the trance states, if I first experience them with drugs.
Not native English speaker as well...

Hypnotic drugs, also known as sleeping pills could eventually produce a trance like state you force yourself to somehow stay awake.

Please don't do that, and combining sleeping pills with stimulants could be even more dangerous.

Ketamine sounds like something you might be looking for.

It feels like falling into a hole but not in an uncomfortable way, it does not induce anxiety, body wise you get numb which enhances the "transcendental" atmosphere.

It is relatively safe, an overdose is possible but unlikely, and it can be addictive.

Another candidate would be opium, the "nod" produces daydreams from which you can snap in and out, it is relatively lucid as well. If you smoke it, you will not be able to overdo it thus an overdose is extremely unlikely, if you eat it it's a gamble. Beware it is HIGLY addictive, so I can't recommend or condone use.

Personally I don't find psychedelics, cannabis or harmalas as "trance inducing", they are great drugs but not really producing that state of mind.

Perhaps you could try something that induces lucid/vivid dreams? A few stuff can enhance your sleeping adventures, like for example melatonin, hupeterzine a, choline supplements, to a lesser extent valerian and passion flower or a combination of all of this.

Hope this helps, and the information provided will prevent you from doing something potentially dangerous.

Take care and be safe.


Not quite trance inducing but a beautiful experience would be San Pedro. Cooked with vinegar it even kicks in within 45min, even at not particularly visionary doses it is very dreamy. I am sure you heard it is like a natural candy flip (lsd+mdma combination), but there is more to it. It is really effective at softening the ego, alongside from that a real emotional Rollercoaster. Compared to other psychedelics mescaline is slightly more "trance inducing" and ecstatic than others, which makes "letting go" easier.
I don't think i would describe the state of mind produced by ketamine or other NMDA-antagonists as the kind of trance that the OP is looking for.

Ibogaine is a bit of an exception here, because it affects so many other receptors as well, and the state induced by ibogaine can indeed be described as a sort of trance.

But even ibogaine is not an ideal drug for getting in a zone where you are completely losing yourself in a state of oneness with something or someone, wich i think is what the OP is looking for.

With dissociatives there is always, unsurprisingly, a level of dissociation, not just from the world outside, but also from within.

It is no coincidence that dissociative drugs like PCP carry such a high risk of psychosis with them. Drugs like ketamine are in a sense a sort of weird crossbreed: if alcohol and LSD would decide to make a baby together i think you would end up with something like ketamine or another arylcyclohexylamine. There is definately a psychedelic element present in all the arylcyclohexylamines i know, but also a sort of drunkeness. Your mind is all over the place. There is no focus or direction.

Drugs like MDMA, MDA and benzofurans though, but 2C-B as well, are known and loved for producing exactly that state of being totally absorbed by something. These substances are ofcourse most well known for being able to absorb people into the activities of dancing or having sex, but part of the therapeutic potential of these substances lies probably in their ability to completely immerse users in conversations with other people as well.
Huh.. what is 'trance' even..

Since the word 'hypnotic' had been used. In actual hypnosis, we create a state of deep rapport where it becomes easy for the subject to have their attention guided by the hypnotist. Typical hypnotic states involve a focusing of attention, and a certain degree of dissociation.

The drug I experienced the most 'attention-centric' effects on is cannabis. In fact, it can make hypnosis quite an intense experience, like you are messing with attention, under the influence of a drug that messes with attention.

If you mean a more 'shamanic' or 'dreamlike' experience, then low doses of amanita muscaria (properly decarboxylated!!!) are in my experience a great, if unreliable, guide.
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