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i believe i have spoken with a higher intelligence whilst on spice looking for criticism

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Hello, I sort of gave up after answering 100 questions on the new member questionaire so i figure id post here as i am a lowly newbie. The high level entrance exam shows to me that many smart people (spiritual and scientific) congregate here.

I attempted membership to post a unique experience i had recently and to get feedback as it was extremely odd to say the least. Im sorry i am not a scientist and cant answer more than half the questionaire questions other than i will never talk about dealing or procuring here ever. I am smart enough to have something i call "common sense" (not to brag).

Anyway quick introduction: I love DMT, have had plentiful access to it, and I have smoked freebase hundreds of times. I thought this molecule to be so important that i spread it to many of my friends and i can say i have shown the power of this substance to at least 50 people who would have otherwise had no access to this rare molecule.

Recently I learned that DMT was edible, but only through a complicated process known as "pharmahuasca" which required a strict diet, but it lets you have a full blown DMT trip for hours, instead of 20 mins.

I spent a month researching MAOI's and how to ingest them safely. I ended up procuring 1 gram of harmine and 1 gram of harmaline. As of this writing my research has informed me that these two MAOI's are actually something called a RIMA and that the strict diet I was told to adhere to doesnt matter; having tyramines in my system would merely make me sleepy, and not bleed out the eyes as i have read.

Still, despite this information i have decided that every time i partake in this ritual, i will eat nothing 6 hours beforehand, and nothing 12 hours after consumption, just to be safe.

Anyway, first time i tried this i was kinda buzzed (was out of booze so drunkeness was fading fast), said "what the hell" and decided to try this pharmahuasca stuff. I took a pinch of harmine and ate it, waited 30 minutes, then reached into a bag of fumarate salt DMT and ate a pinch of that. I am unaware how much of each was consumed....only that it worked...VERY WELL

By the time i ate the DMT i was stone cold sober, and just feeling the dreamy state of the MAOI. Lets just say i tripped balls lucid vivid DMT trip for at least one hour, maybe two. EXTREME visuals.

I could go on, but that is not what I am here to discuss. After the hour of extreme visuals that would have been utterly terrifying if i hadn't smoked freebase hundreds of times and seent this stuff before, the visuals De-escalated, and i was back in the room i was in, only a much more REAL looking version, as if my senses had upgraded from 1080p to 4k resolution. That is when i heard a voice.

The voice came from inside my head and felt like a thought, albeit not MY thought. It said that it/they were aware of our/my existence and that it knew that I suspected their presence over the many times i had smoked spice.

The calm and gentle voice, then explained that it wanted to do an experiment to see if it could physically affect this realm. I tried to verbally speak with this entity; "hello? can you hear me?" but it was to no avail. It was a one way communication from within my mind, my voice could not be heard.

At the time i was in a sort of dreamlike mania, i wasnt really thinking too much of the voice at the time, as i had just seen things that were beyond human comprehension (can barely remember it now):(

Anyway, shortly after this, the voice asked me what was important to me. This reminded me to take a quick peek at my phone just to make sure no one was looking for me, as i was the most fucked up i ever been in my life and i wanted to ensure i did not interact with any humans.

When i tried to hold the phone to my face, i felt a physical tug that pulled the phone away from me, kind of like a magnet. My arm was moving completely without permisssion from myself. Swapped the phone into the other hand, same effect. A physical force pulling the phone away from my face.

Eventually i said "fuck this" and threw my phone at my couch. The harmine had locked me into my chair, i could not move. I enjoyed the rest of the few hours of "DMT bliss" (there was no voice after i threw my phone).

Anyway, to conclude, when i took this pharmahuasca i had a full on telepathic communication with some sort of higher intelligence and it physically affected me in the real world. Even after the DMT and MAOI wore off, the voice and involuntary movements of my arms lingered in my mind.

I dont know what to think of this, the story sounds completely insane. Yes, i was inebriated, but i taken psychedellics many many times in my life and i aint never heard telepathic voices in my head or felt an external force controlling my limbs.

Scientists, please explain this phenomena to me. I am a very skeptical person, yet i have no other explanation for what happened to me other than "paranormal phenomena"

P.S: happy to be a (new) member!
Even the entities know that "smart"phones are toxic.

I've had similar things happen. Many, many times. You get access to a higher consciousness that transcends individual life experience. In the DMT state, often questions and/or answers come to you. Usually, these questions and/or answers are very basic. "What is important to you?" "What is your ultimate purpose?" "The answer to all is love". That sorta thing. In that highly altered state of consciousness, even the most simplest statement would sound like a divine revelation.

Many times, the moment after i smoke, the thought comes "Holy crap, this is it. This is THE moment. My entire life has led up to this moment. This is the moment that all of humanity and existence has been waiting for. The total and utter transformation of this reality to a hyperspatial paradise. And all i needed to do was smoalk some plant goo. Wow! You're welcome humanity! I have saved us all!" And 15 minutes later, i'm back on earth, with all my earthly tethers and problems. We are subjected to grandiose illusions and delusions. The key part is to remember exactly that; illusions and delusions.

Enlightenment is not a state one attains and keeps. It is pure omnipotence, omnipresence and omniscience. This moment can last a nanosecond, a week, a decade or a lifetime.
as insane as my story sounds (sounds much more insane when describing this experience irl with close friends who have NO experience with DMT), in my opinion, i believe the voice to be....foreign, and not a product of my subconscious.

Still, with this knowledge, what can i do? I can only tell this story and my belief that there is some "truth" to it to my close friends, and even they look at me as if im crazy.

Im saying, you take this stuff, you get a positive lesson or message (sometimes scary), and you learn from it. Doesn't matter if it's "alien" or just part of your subconscious. But i cant help but wonder.

P.S sorry if this is poor knowledge to spread, but look into oral consumption of DMT with an MAOI, if you have never experienced spice this way. Im all set with smoking this stuff. Just gonna set a few days aside each month and "tap in" to that world for a few hours lol
swinelordofpigs said:
... i believe the voice to be....foreign, and not a product of my subconscious...
What if you have "foreign" factors? Like pieces of your mere self that are not deployed to the well known personal consciousness so far, and the molecules revealing those pieces?
Like looking first time in a mirror and jumping up "Who's the hell is that?" see cat 😁
Where does inner and outer start/stop, at skin level?
Just some thoughts... no hard truths ...


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It could be that you were briefly visited by an angel?

Or simply (more mundanely) by a higher part of yourself?

The physical interaction reminds me of "Jacob and the Angel" in the Bible:

One time on a high level mushroom trip, I had an experience where I left my body and felt like I had spent all eternity crying at the center of the universe for reasons. I had a sitter who had been instructed to basically ignore me and was there for safety/assistance only. I hadn't interacted with him the whole time and had only been laying down with my eyes closed and headphones on, totally oblivious to the outside world except for this experience. Then suddenly, something very weird happened. I suddenly became aware of my body, but only because what clearly felt like a foreign entity took control of it and began puppetting it around. That is literally what it felt like - when my consciousness was zapped back to this world because of the sudden sensory change, something else was moving me around as if remotely; I felt like I was stuck in my head watching the whole thing while this being jumped up suddenly and started talking to my sitter in a weird voice (kind of sounded like a character from an old timey Western honestly, not an alien or anything) asking why I was crying and carrying on when everything was just fine. It was weirder because even though the voice was coming out of my mouth, I didn't feel like my brain was even being used to formulate the words in any way, but more like my vocal chords were just being controlled in the same way the rest of my body was. This carried on for a few minutes probably(?), I really have no idea because the memory of the exact conversation is hazy but the memory of my body being moved as if by strings over a vast distance was really clear. When it did end, I felt it leave me like a physical sensation of this force being withdrawn. I'm used to feeling disassociated from my physical movements as being a fairly normal part of the psychedelic experience, and this differed significantly from that. I offer no explanation, though the experience lead me to my own conclusions, such conclusions are not hard facts and therefore not relevant to others. But suffice it to say it was really strange.
Hey, the first part of your post about visiting some sort of...eternal place....i can relate to.

Unfortunately, Mushies make me sick now and i only got to enjoy them a few times before consumiing them resulted in me puking every hour on the hour for the entire duration of the trip. I have never had a mushroom trip that relates to the level you are describing, however i have had a DMT trip that has.

Once i discovered my limitless resource for potent DMT, I shared an 8 ball (3.5 grams) with my friends.

We tripped balls that night and i changed their lives, they will not soon forget smoking that spice i brought over all those years ago.

While they were sleeping I was just piling that shit onto a bubbler and taking rips. Every time that i did, I felt amazing, extremely hallucinated, blacked out during the middle part (though i had the feeling that i was aware during the peak, i had just forgotten what had happened) Wanting to know the secrets of the "peak" of the DMT trip, I continued taking hits, receiving the same result: extreme intro, ??? middle (having the feeling i was there but had forgotton), and an extreme outro where heavy hallucinations wore off.

Keep in mind, i am drunk and have a giant ass bag of deemsterz (you only need .05 to blast off if i am not mistaken)

So i try a third time, as i had a blast the previous two times. Put an ungodly amount of DMT onto the pipe, and sparked that shit.

This time, I immediately felt a sense of dread and regret, as i watched reality collapse around me.

This time, i remember (and will never forget) the "peak" of this trip.

It was like i "woke up", I was part of this enourmous consciousness. It is hard to describe but it was the only "living" thing that existed, but it was on a collossal scale, like some galactic level stuff.

Even though i was drunk and DMT'd up, I knew what was happening to me. I felt no fear, only sadness and dread.

I got the impression that this collosal conscious entity was merely dreaming that it was me. There was no such thing as life or death, this enourmous conscious being had made that reality up to make up for the loneliness of being the only thing in existence.

I only remember the color blue, and like infinity cubes. Felt like i was constantly being ripped apart and put together in weird ways by the cube-consciousness.

As you know, smoked DMT only lasts 15-20 mins, and after that i awoke on my friends couch, certain i had pissed mysself (turns out i did not luckily)

My personal belief is that the particular trip i had experienced, was a punishment for abusing such a large amount, and that the "cube consciousness" was some sort of extremely higher being showing me the repurcussions of abusing such a divine molecule.

I have spent my remaining psychonautic career trying to figure out whether or not these extreme experiences i have had could have possibly been real to some extent (hence the OP beggging to be criticized). Even if all these inane psychedelic experiences could be explained scientifially, it would put my mind at ease, because as of now, IDK what to believe.

P.S sorry for any spelling errors this is a long post and i know u understand what im talking about
swinelordofpigs said:
Even though i was drunk and DMT'd up, I knew what was happening to me. I felt no fear, only sadness and dread.

I got the impression that this collosal conscious entity was merely dreaming that it was me. There was no such thing as life or death, this enourmous conscious being had made that reality up to make up for the loneliness of being the only thing in existence.
There could be perhaps, something true in this.
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