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I can now move my left ear...

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A simply insane night of DMT!!!!

The night started with 2 mild doses of DMT to explore the visionary effects. Absolutely amazing geometrical figured ignited my ceiling. I was in a trance for well over 10 minutes. The vibrations felt rushing through the mind and body are simply incredible. After enjoying the body high, it was time to break thru. A pencil size eraser head (perhaps slightly larger) was loaded up and smoked in 2 large tokes. I layed down on my bed, closed my eyes and right when I thought "have I broken through?" I was unable to return back to planet earth. I was heading towards a white light that kept imploding and exploding. Very much like I was about to enter heaven. It very much felt like a rebirth. When I came back to planet earth, I enjoyed a great body high and loaded up another hit of DMT. This last shot really fried my brain. I had this insane urge to walk over to my mirror and stare into my eyes. For the next 5 minutes I was fixated on staring into my soul. I could not look away. My pupils where going absolutely insane and I was stuck in a trance. While stuck in the trance, the tendends/muscles/nerves that run from the lower part of your eye to my ear starting working. Now, I have gained the ability to wiggle my left ear. THIS IS INSANE LOL!!!!
Right now i'm comming of the body high and simply feel different... in a really good way. This stuff is incredible!
Guards951 said:
Now, I have gained the ability to wiggle my left ear. THIS IS INSANE LOL!!!!

Man that's quite some special ability - another life-changing experience ;)
Who said DMT is not really useful? Ha!
skeptical as always, i'd like to point out that with enough practice or focus you can learn to move your ears. I did it as a kid, and anyone can. Its just a matter of learning to flex the right muscles.
Well I think that's pretty cool. I can't wiggle my ears... :(

Heck, next time I spice I might just walk over to the mirror and see what happens!
After reading this post again... this occured when SWIM was new to DMT and was "going to smoke DMT 10x a day"/"i'm a noob and don't know any better" phase.

Since this horrible episode, my spice is a lot less yellow and my experiences much more meaningful.
bonestoner said:
dude its been 2 weeks. your still noobin

yeah your right lol. SWIM needs to learn the recrystalization method now.... anything but pure white is a no-go!
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