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I did not take DMT yet had a VERY unusual experience

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This will be a description of a very unusual experience I had without taking any DMT a few weeks ago (outside of alcohol and some POT and a small experimentation with cocaine a few times in my early 20s I have taken no drugs of any kind, I am now 50 years old) Here is a backstory:
I have been interested most of my life on what consciousness is and I also practiced meditation about 20 years ago. During this meditative state I would sometimes experience a loud humming as I relaxed, sometimes I would experience this while falling asleep. The hum would throb (for lack of a better word) , wooaa , wooaa , wooaa, and it would get louder and louder and I would always feel I was supposed to do something else but instead I would suddenly snap out of it, most of the time to a perfectly quiet room and the transition from the deafening sound to quiet was always extremely jarring.
This was the mid 90s and the internet really wasn’t a thing yet. I tried researching the hum and did so on an off for many years. I experienced the hum on and off for a period of about 5 years back then and I never heard it again and eventually stopped meditating all together.
Fast forward 20 years and I am watching a random podcast and the subject of the drug DMT came up. The person mentioned a hum associated with it and I immediately went to research it, after a few hours I did indeed find something extremely similar to what I use to hear. I listened to it for quite a while . I also researched DMT and how we have it in our bodies and how some theorize the pineal gland creates it. I wondered if my meditation in the past had somehow activated a small dose of it . Nothing else out of the ordinary occurred that day or night until early the next morning. I am now convinced that listening to the hum again opened up my mind for what was to come next.
The Experience
Its about 7:00 am and its starting to get light out. It’s too early for me to be up and I want to fall asleep again. I put on some ear plugs and turn on a CPAP machine I have next to the bed. I don’t really need CPAP but the white noise (and ear plugs) really help me get back to sleep sometimes. As I relax on my back a few minutes go by and I clearly start to hear the hum. I am not startled or surprised, it’s hard to explain but I somehow tuned into the frequency this time unlike before in the past (don’t know how) and IMMEDIATELY was catapulted forward into a tunnel with a very bright light at the end.
I could sense I was speeding up as the reflection of the light on the side of tunnel let me see the tunnel walls as they were speeding by. I also felt an extreme vibration from the top of my head to my toes, the vibration lasted a few seconds and I felt it was physically shaking me. I had a thought like “wow I did it. This is happening!” but the thought wasn’t in English it was almost a feeling or an emotion that made up the thought. I had an inner dialogue, but it wasn’t in English it was in feelings (if that makes any sense).
I got past the white light and I immediately sense a large animal moving fast from my right to my left. As I focused on it, it becomes a tiger. it got closer. I wasn’t afraid I completely went along with whatever was going to happen. It made eye contact with me and moved closer to me.
I only remember a few things clearly after this, but I am not sure what order they occurred in.
I found myself in a temple with an open roof. To my left I see two statues and the statues are animated. One seems to be a soldier wearing armor, a weapon and a morion type helmet he is struggling with the second statue which is smaller. I don’t particular want to see what happens next and I turn my attention to a bell shaped object above me. It had a clay color with three liquid orbs to the left of it floating. I got the distinct impression it was something constructed, maybe a piece of molding or something similar.
My other memory is being out in space, I see the earth and a beautiful red, purple, pink energy to the right of it , like a nebulae of some sort. It was impressive.
At this moment I get the thought of “what if I continue and can’t come back to myself?” I suddenly become aware of my body on the bed. The best way to describe this is imagine you are at a theater and enthralled watching a movie, you don’t feel your body sitting in the theater seat. If you take your attention away from the movie you can feel your body, your arms and legs while still staring at the screen. That’s what I did, and I moved my left leg. I clearly felt I was ok.
I then opened my eyes (I felt stupid later as the space part was the very best part!). I am in complete darkness (the thought that it should be light outside did not occur to me until well after when I was reliving the memory). The red, purple, pink nebulae now becomes a deep vibrant blue and starts to swirl, I don’t see the planet with my eyes open. I then close my eyes and WHOOSH I am back in the tunnel again going towards the light (no vibrations this time). I don’t have a recollection of anything else except some large rocks and grass . I do have the thought (emotion impression) that I was seeing places on earth (or earth like) , but the memory is too hazy.
The hum at some point starts to die down and I slowly open my eyes. I felt the entire experience start to finish was a few minutes. I look at the clock and it’s a full 1 hour and 42 minutes after I turned on the CPAP machine! That just blew my mind. I tried for about 30 minutes to get in that state again but the only thing that occurred was the clear sound of a mechanical bell. Like a click and the sound of the ding Just the one sound and nothing else. I then got up and got on with the day.

Afterward recounting the story to a friend, he asks me “what kind of tiger was it”. I answered that it was the classic black orange striped tiger. He mentions it’s from India. I do an internet search for Indian temples and the bell-shaped object looks eerily similar to the bell shaped objects on top of just about every Indian temple and also the Shiva statues. I don’t know much about the Hindu religion. I don’t even feel this was a particularly spiritual experience. Definitely mind blowing and very real while it occurred. I just don’t know if its coincidence or there is any significance to the Tiger being a Bengal tiger and the bell-shaped object looking like the top of Indian temples (maybe I just don’t know).

Final thoughts. The tiger and space were very real and bright and colorful, the temple was a bit muted , almost as if there was a filter on or I was wearing sun glasses, the colors were not as bright as the tiger and space .

I have tried to make this happen again but I seem to have too much anticipation waiting for it and I am not relaxing properly. Has anyone heard of this happening WITHOUT taking DMT? My only clear connection is the hum.
Look into shamanic journey. I think you will find many similarities between shamanic journey and what you have described here. You don't have to be a shaman to do it. It is simply a creative process. Allowing the mind to go places without the hindrance of the logical mind. Purely a right brain activity. The more I have practiced shamanic journey over the years, the easier it has become to remember my dmt journeys and my dreams. An attunement of sorts.

Sounds like you may have chosen your spirit animal. Check out this link for what it may symbolize.

Also, if you like white noise, they sell white noise machines. I have one and I love it!

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I have had some of this kind of experiences to without drugs..
An intens build UP of a humming tone and then some kinda Electric jolts the last time i had this thought was so scary that after that it never happend again.
That time i was beding pulled left to right as is some magnetic force was pulling at me.i then got UP and walked to my bathroom were i saw a woman holding two kitchen knives.. Very creepy.. Then i shook again and i realised i was still or back in bed...

Other times i would have the hum and start floating UP to the ceiling bouncing against the ceiling.. Very annoying haha.
Later i Learned this can be a stepping stone to a obe..which i had not long before the scary experience above..

After that one i never had anything like that happen again.

I think i Block the option nowadays cause i dont want to ever see that Chick again haha
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