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I finally had a breakthrough

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Jupiter Man

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I vaporized 40mg of freebase and saw the so-called "machine elf" smiling at me, full on with a machine wheel that started cascading and bleeding. I had an intense body high and I couldn't help but "stare" in awe. It was almost like an orgasm. This is definitely unique to Jureme, as I've tried The Thinking of Each Other Tree and it was more-so exactly that, self-analysis and thinking of other people. I think DMT activates a specific serotonergic channel that serotonin itself doesn't activate.

Thank you! :d 😁
i cant do anything but smile.
I personal find it pretty hard to suggest dmt to local, directly connected people, because even people who are experienced with drugs have to much respect of it and secondly because im not sure if it is a good idea to submit them spice, out of different reasons.
In short, i dont know many people who ever did freebase and even less who every did so called breakthroughs.
The forum gives me a feeling of companionship, because shared experiences and interests seem to be really beneficial for forming connections.

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