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I found a recipe for some kind of soup

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Hi I met this guy on an airplane. He talked my ear off for hours I fell asleep but I woke up and a note was on his seat, it read...

Combined 40g MHRB Powdered into quart jar. Seperately mixed 1g:15ml lye/water and stirred till all was dissolved. Added unknown amount of naptha, about a pinky width in a quart jar. Rolled and shook for about an hour. Placed in a crockpot of water, on a towel in the bottom. Heated on high for 2 hours, rolling every 15 minutes or so. Ratio was 1gBark:1gLye:15mLWater

Naptha pulled with an eye dropper into a hot tiny jar. This is where things went off course..

Placed dmt laden naptha into pyrex dish on a hot plate to evaporate down. Half hour later it was checked to find naptha had evaporated, only brown goo that was very liquidy(Naptha present still but barely.) Goo was smelled right but tasted of solvent and flamed up.

Goo was redissolved in a minimal amount of naptha and set to the side in Jar A. Second pull was done after roughly an hour sitting in a warm jar of NaOH/water. It was added to Jar B and placed on the hotplate to evap halfway. Once down halfway Jar A was added to B and evaped another 1/3. Color was a dark yellow that did not cloud when you blew on it. There was a small amount of brown goo that was on the bottom not fully settled but kind of floating while tethered down.

Placed in freezer after 5 or 10 minutes at room temp and it was surrounded with ice packs for good measure. Hope it was evaped enough.

A third pull was done after an additional 150ml of 1g:15ml lye/water was mixed in. The third pull is evaping at room temp in front of a fan set on exhaust out the window. Suspecting the heat used to evap caused the brown goo. The quart jar was set to the side to cool off with another pinky's worth of naptha to pull tomorrow.

Was he correct in his assumptions that evaporating naptha will produce a brown goo so a freeze precipitation should be done for crystal? How solid does this whole technique look? And is it necessary to defat if freeze precipitating?

In theory if you combined two pulls of 40gbark and you wanted to freeze precip how much naptha would be put in freezer? Around half a 4oz jelly jar? If I had the qualifications to do this Id be worried my solution wouldn't be saturated enough especially if no clouding happened when I blew on it.

Would you have to heat the solution back up for the 4th and final pull? Or will room temp Naptha pull ok.

If an Acetone defat was done prior to immersing in Lye water would evaping yield powder or is the goo caused by the heat or someting in the Naptha?

Thanks for any help I am very curious.
Okay my friend who is a chemist decided to try this and he is at this stage..

Took all 3 pulls of naptha and combined them into a jar and let evaporate overnight in front of a fan. The next day it was at around 25% original volume. It was a bit cloudy and dark yellow. On the bottom was some more of that brown goo which seems to not dissolve in room temperature Naptha.

Jar was placed in a freezer tightly sealed by its own lid. Checked it an hour later and there were white fluffs on the bottom. Naptha was poured with a twisting motion into another jar and resealed put in freezer. Empty container resealed tightly and removed from the freezer to warm up. Process was rushed by sitting with it between legs, still upside down with the top on. Once it was warmed up upon inspection there was a drop of liquid that clung to the bottom of the jar.

Lid was removed and jar was placed in front of a fan to drip/dry fully. This resulted in more brown goo and not the crystals desired.

Does anyone know why my friend's experiment is ending in brown goo? Is it the fan?
one would guess that with all of the extra heating done during the naptha pulls your airplane partner may have pulled more than usual with said non-polar and got some jungle spice. a friend of mine (no really) did a STB nptha pull and ended up with some deep brown goo which actually turned out to be quite strong, it was later determined he pulled the JS, which holds more impurities, but ALSO more desired goodies.

yada yada yada, SWIM suggests you tell your airplane neighbor to give the brown goo a try, it may be exactly what he hoped for.
Called him up and he said that he redissolved the yellow brown goo he got from freeze precipitation in 3ml warm naptha. Swished the jar around and siphoned off the yellow naptha leaving brown goo behind. He added the naptha to the current freeze precipitation he had going(which is looking promising, white only in the jar). A small amount of naptha(1-2mL) was then added to the jar and shaken violently to cleanse the sides of any goo/residue and poured into a dish. Repeated this process once more and evaporated the naptha to find same goo. He worked it over and over with a set of razors and it seems to be firming up. It is definitley active he says.

He claimed he took an undetermined amount of the oil and soaked it up with a piece of rolling paper. The paper was then layered in a pipe and smoked carefully. Definitley got a feel for it and he claims it was like a mushroom trip with the visuals but the state of mind was clearer. Only problem was the duration with the whole experience really only lasting 10 minutes or so with a peak of about a minute.

Such a small dose maybe it is jungle spice?
Oh its not a problem at all. In fact thats why I started looking into it. I love exploring the farthest reaches of my mind but lately have not had the time to devote 6-13 hours for tripping!

I like the idea of after a good day to lie back in your bed, smoke something, be the farthest youve ever been for 10 15 minutes and come down. Then just fall asleep peacefully.

A side note, my friend says that last night he was finally able to assertain offwhite crystals by avoiding the fan and heat! He said some very interesting dreams occured last night after he tested it.
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