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I found this readin the erowid.

Migrated topic.


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Some of the things this person suggest sound like they would really help the nervous/anxous people when it comes to going deep in the hyperspace world. I know from personal experience the come up was always the hardest for me to mentally handle.

Btw what are your guy's thoughts on awareness, marijuana, and the dmt experience... I never had the chance to experience dmt while not under the marijuana haze that i feel many people have even when they are not high but have been smoking heavily..

I first noticed this when I quite smoking pot for about 3 months and just realised everything around me so much easier. I didnt have to focus on things quite as heavily when I was smoking and especially not as hard as when I was stoned. Being high always made me feel like I was just looking through everything, my entire visual field was just there it made me feel... null is the best i can describe it. Not completely gone but not there either.

I am still under some sort of haze because I do not feel normal as I used to. I think it has somthing to do with the dxm i've been doing.

There was a person here at the nexus who stated that they were once not physically but mentally addicted to satans drug dxm. They said do not do it heavily as it will change you as a person and you will not even know until you come off the binge.

I foolishly ignored their warning and started abusing it. Its been about three days since my last and most heavy trip yet (10oz of delsym)

If that person is reading this. I am glad you managed to quite and hope you stayed off. I am yet to quite though i already have trip plans coming up with a dear friend (thought at one point he was going to be the last person I ever saw in my life, that will bring you close to another friend fast).

Well all you friends. Please have great trips and be safe Peace!
Thanks for sharing that around brother.

Another advocate of the smile before you leave technique.
Its something that SWIM always forgets to do, i guess his mind is just far to preoccupied with other shit.
But i know there are may people on here who say the same thing. Smile, smile, smile. Its supposed to improve the experience greatly.
Must remeber to smile next time.

Thanks again and good luck with gettin off DXM man.
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