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I had a DMT Induced Pot Trip

Migrated topic.
It's possible that smoalking the DMT could have induced a huge release of anandamide from your endocannabinoid system and you had a spontaneous euphoria experience. There are some that would speculate all happiness experiences come from surges in endogenous anandamide. We should study people who spontaneously become happy and compare their experiences to people that have euporia experiences when they take the DMT. It could be important for people that have spontaneous blissful experiences to take spice and compare these experiences.

OH man, i was doing math the other day, and i totally started tripping off of DMT.

I heard people see geometry do you think that has something to do with it?
I know your guys are goofing around, but:

Dr. Rick strassman has speculated that true religious experiences are facilitated by endogenous dimethyltryptamine, well, it's a mix of speculation and conjecture, and I know there have been issues with Dr. Strassman's conjecture being accepted as fact, and those are justified, but that doesn't mean we should discount all his ideas automatically.

I honestly don't think the concept of endogenous DMT release is that far fetched...I don't fully buy in, but I don't fully dismiss it either, as "objective observers" it surprises how many people have already made up their minds on this issue, and before the evidence was even in.

However, if you want to understand why I was interested in the individual who thinks they had an OBE induced by cannabis, you could review the publication below:

DMT and the Soul of Prophecy: A New Science of Spiritual Revelation in the Hebrew Bible
by Rick Strassman - "Naturally occurring DMT may produce prophecy-like states of consciousness and thus represent a bridge between biology and religious experience"

Because of my own experiences and in part due to this publication, I have been very much interested in comparing the DMT flash to natural spiritual and religious phenomena, as well as OBEs, near death experiance, and certain types of abduction phenomena...

Is it absurd to feel endogenous DMT might play a role in these experiences?

What if the individual took a hit of cannabis prior to their natural spiritual experience? Should this preclude the experiences legitimacy in some way? Or is it to be written off as "some poor fool thinks cannabis induced a DMT like spiritual event"

Why not at least look into these things?

Any way, I did not mean to ruin your fun, carry on.

Or... Maybe, just maybe... Cannabis is psychedelic in its own right?

Its indeed just a joke. But c'mon give pot some credit. Its a pretty powerful plant by itself.

The thread was more of a perception thing. If Pot can cause DMT why cant DMT cause pot?

I've had some incredible pot trips, and to me they are totally unique from any other kinds of trips I've had. I'm just asking for pot to be accepted as a the psychedelic that it is.
entheogenic-gnosis said:
Is it absurd to feel endogenous DMT might play a role in these experiences
"play a role"

This is the key phrase here. We actually have a lot of evidence of how the pineal gland works, and a fairly good idea of the pharmacology involved in altered states of consciousness such as meditation, hypnosis, dreaming, and the like.

My issue is the fact that people only focus on DMT, and the evidence is overwhelming that even if DMT is the main facilitator of these experiences (and the evidence is actually strong that it is not) it's still assisted by a cocktail of other compounds. Why does it always have to DMT? Why not melatonin? Why not pinoline? Why not any of the tryptolines? why not any of the harmans? Why not any of the other beta-carbolines? Why not 5-MeO-DMT? Why not 5-HO-DMT? Why not other tryptamines? Why not some kind of mixture of the above (endohuasca)? Why not completely different classes of neurotransmitters, neuromodulators, and neuropeptides entirely such as histamines, cholamines, orexins, glutamates, etc...? There is a ton of evidence for production of/metabolites of all these other compounds in altered states of consciousness, but somehow no one wants to talk about that. Even if it is DMT, the responsible organs/glands could not fire the good doctor's hypothetical bursts without the assistance of some of these other compounds (Strassman refers to this as a shift in "anti-DMT's" when discussing the pineal in the TSM).

My jest was simply to point out the idea that all spiritual experience is caused soley by DMT is just as foolish as thinking that all euphoric experiences are caused solely by anandamide while dismissing the role of serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin, etc... It's very lazy, sloppy, and uninformed thinking in the face of the existing evidence, and it's consistently perpetuating misinformation as fact, which in this case, while not necessarily dangerous, is still not in the interest of accuracy of information.

DMT has a very interesting effect when you administer large doses of exogenous material, no doubt, but so do the many of the other endogenous tryptamines, so do many of the other endogenous beta-carbolines. Let's consider the context of the complicated electrochemical biological system we call a brain and try to maintain a bigger picture perspective that goes beyond one single molecule present in nanomolar concentrations amidst a plethora of other ongoing electro-chemical-physiological processes.
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