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I have heard the call of the molecule

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Hello everyone. I have been a lurker here for the last 3 months, reading up old posts and educating myself in what to me are areas of knowledge that I am completely ignorant in. I am taking my first steps on my journey and I would like to seek advice from others who have trodden the same path.

Four months ago, I wasn't even aware that something called DMT existed. I had gone through just over four decades of life focused on education, being good at my job and trying to be a good father and husband. I had never consumed any mind altering substances apart from alcohol and cannabis (only twice in my life). I stumbled across a youtube video describing a DMT trip and something just kept urging me to do more research on this. I have seen countless trip and experience reports for other substances and I have been offered stuff like cocaine, amphetamines, opioids etc over the years and I have never had the slightest urge to even try them even once. I didn't find my cannabis experiences particularly great either. Given a choice, I would take cannabis over alcohol for social consumption, but I can't see myself using it casually at home by myself. Hoever, something inside my head kept urging me to look at DMT closer which is extremely uncharacteristic for me.

The more research I did, the more I came to realise that my initial impression that it was an extreme substance used only by the most desperate hard core dug addicts couldn't be more wrong. This urge inside me has now become an urge to explore my inner self and something keeps telling me that DMT and mushrooms are the key to unlocking closed doors.

My research seems to suggest that people who try DMT just for the ride it takes you on seem to experience more difficult trips and have more trouble integrating the experience into their lives. I have therefore started to prepare for my first trip and I don't intend to try it until I am ready. As preparation for my first experience, I have done / am doing the following:
1. Started doing yoga asanas (classes)
2. Started doing daily meditation (5 week online course)
3. Read James Fadiman's 'The psychedelic explorers guide'
4. Reading 'The Tibetan book of the dead'
5. Researching Jungian theory.

I have purchased some MHRB, the necessary chemicals and some lab glassware. I have done some reading on the forum about extractions. I have purchased a e-cig mod box and a cup type vaporiser. I think all the pieces are in place and it is a case of preparing myself for the moment; something I don't intend to rush as I will be alone when I take my first trip and I won't have anyone I know to call on for support afterwards should it be necessary.

I am not a particularly religious person and I have a far more scientific and logical mindset than a mystical one. I find it quite mind boggling that I have been steered towards a path (yoga, meditation, mind exploration, psychedelics etc) I wouldn't have remotely considered a few months back. I feel like I am being swept by a current and that I should swim with the flow rather than resist it. My family and friends will not be happy to hear of this new direction I am taking, so I am keeping things quiet.

I would be grateful if more experienced people could offer advice on what else to do to make my journey easier. Thank you.
beautiful :love:
you seem to be doing things in a good way and hopefully you will have an amazing experience
just wanted to wish you good luck :)
and welcome to the nexus
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