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I have seen God and it is US :)

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We're ALL Gods and Goddesses, every single one of us. All psychedelics do is to allow us to pull back and see the Big Picture we've all somehow created and become enmeshed in (a vital tool then). We have plenty of knowledge and generating more everyday, it's up to us to learn it ourselves (and try to avoid being entangled in any of the belief systems and politics that might entail), and with Positive Intent for All, make the changes we'd all like to see benefit everyone, like all the good shit you see in sci-fi :). We can change it all if we want to. Claim your Godhood today :)

I must admit when I got the message the first time I was really disappointed (says a lot about my life I guess), but now i'm quite elated about it. :D Does that mean there's someone out there who listens to us, and provides us with what we need? A couple of days ago after my last experience I was ready to give it all up as bullshit we'd been deceiving ourselves with (despite that really strong rue experience I had, which still lingers to this day) but it's really strange how much serendipity plays a part in many peoples' lives, and we tend to get pretty much what we need at that point in time (even though at the time it may or may not be a pleasant experience), or do we just attach meaning to it ourselves - who knows? Always seems more than just pure coincidence though, doesn't it? :D

One things for sure though, DMT - :shock:
magic clown said:
As far as I can tell, God dosn't exist. If he does, he lives in a complete shit hole and works as an abortionist.

Reminds me of the South Park when Chef explains about how god makes bad things happen because "it's our tears that give him power".
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